Hellooooooo southern Louisiana!

Discussion in 'Louisiana (LA)' started by TasteTheRainbow, Jul 31, 2005.

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    No, LOL. The last time it snowed here was a few years ago for only one day, it was barely enough to cover the grounds. Its such a rare occurance for louisiana to see snow, much less freezing temps. We are a very warm state.
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    Well I ment when you said all the bars there suck, I know what your talking about. All the people from BR/LSU come over here to party our bars, cause we allow 18+ to drink in most.

    And BTW, that horrible traffic you have there is spreading like an infection.

    and good luck with your grow.
  3. Kind

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    Oh oh oh, I gotcha and I totally agree with you. IMO, the people in this town are crazy drunk ass wannabe pornstars (the ones that are @ the clubs every night its open) and I mean that in the nicest way :thumbsup: You cant go to a club, or as least I can't, in br w/o someone checkin your girl out/hittin on her. This is the classic one in BR, all the thugs are famous for this one... Someone picks a fight with you just because you looked their way, WTF is that!? Its a damn club I can LOOK @ whatever the fuck I want too, now touching and violating someone private space, I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT. I stay out of the clubs and most public places b/c im high ALL the time and I hate bad vibes and drunk people who dont smoke weed.... Just seems like ever time I give it a shot im just deeply disappointed in the people of this city.

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    i usedto have a trick s13, i was running a nos ijected ka-24e. not sure what the actual 1/4 time was but i do know that it would eat up and spit out s2000's. i lost it when the law decided to try and stop my street racin. now i got my mitsu, 3.0 gt stared with borlan exhaust, injen cold air intake, crane cams, accel ignition , wicco pistons and i beam rods , griffen 3 core radiator , extrernal oil cooler/filter, ported out intake and bored my throttle body. then just for fun i put the nos on it , wich rap my fuel lines to cool em down and blows thu my air filter to cool my air charge. i specialize in transmissions so im runing a automatic with a manual vavle body that will out-preform most standards. its a pretty fun ride. paint is royal hunter pearl blue (purple)with stock ground effects that have been modified to allow better breathing and less resistance.
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    do you know if 3kgt 3000cc v6 is interchange with the new 3/4 gen eclipse longmotor? some crazy redneck claimed to have twincharged one in a ff 3 gen e-gt.

    funny how many people like trees and cars, i usually wangan best slightly faded
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    im assuming your talking aout the new 3.8 ltr? i cant answer for positive but i would say no. unless he just used the turbos off of a twin trbo 3000 gt. wich even thn there would most lkly be a lot of fabricating and a bunch of money spent. any thing is possible if ya got the cash to pay for it. but i doubt that the 2 would be a direct bolt on. differant heads , bolt patterns and not to mention internals. ya cant run stock compression with turbo, unless of corse its already factory charged. and also you cant even just do the motor swap, the km tranny has about 6 different bolt patterns so gettin the right one youd be lucky.
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    HI from South LOUISIANA

    Ok I'm from south louisiana (lfayette). THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE TOKERS FROM THE AREA lol....any tokers from the surrounding area message me lets chat guys
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    wow kinda dead here.
    anyway anybody down in this area into frisbee golf.and if so any good places to go or equipment stores ? im new to the state and still dont know my way abouts real well.
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    Old thread, I'm aware...but I live in River Ridge... close to Kenner and Harahan.
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    word. im on the westbank now, just moved to nola to kick it for december.

    im a car guy as well, going to be swapping all the footwork on my car later this week- anyone in nola area want to come over and kickit? wrench/toke etc-

    some pointers on where to find good buds here would be awesome as well, pondering getting into growing... :p

    funny, ive built a couple S13/14 SR's myself, but ive transitioned from racing on the streets (was in LA during 00-01 crazy 1f1f times) to track and now wanganstyle top end racing. need to find a place to go on a test run next week, just picked up a e36 last week and changing all the footwork this week - any u guys want to go for a wangan run?
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    Kenner here. Born/Raised in New Orleans (Gentilly)
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    Hello all. I am new to the growing seen. Located in BR.
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    holla from eunice
  14. biggmoneyme

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    I'm from Cali, but have family in Plain Dealing. Always have liked visiting, except for the humidity. ALWAYS found weed in that area when I was in town.
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    it's damn near impossible for me here in Slidell to find anything that even has a name other than "weed" Fate smiled once and i procured some northern light, but it was actually kinda nothing to write home about. It's been like that my whole life actually lol always just swag. i think i'm going to go pout in the corner over here for a bit. then go smoke a bowl of the plant who shall not be named.
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    I am not from south of insterstate 10 but hello
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    Anybody growing outdoors?
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    Lafayette here!

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