helocopter grow heat detection?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by merlockian, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. merlockian

    merlockian Registered

    hello there , from uk and just wondering if anyone knows about these choppers flying above?
    people get busted by because of the heat given off from their loft grow?
    heard its only with hps or mh but wana be sure-
    im thinking of using a 200watt gro lux and dont wana get busted!
    cheers guys
  2. joebhoy

    joebhoy Registered+

    Ah so you have watched Shameless?

    Well im from Ireland and havent grown yet (no space) and dont have that problem here with the choppers but anyways you would want some amount of heat for the choppers to see it, 200watt is nothing really. Not to sure but I think you have to have alot of 1000 watt lights for to be caught that way. IMO
  3. Mr.Chimeny415

    Mr.Chimeny415 Registered

    Helicopters make me really paranoid....so I toke one every time I see one.
  4. JackdaWack

    JackdaWack Registered+

    haha for the closet grower dont even think about this, ur paranoid. If u got vents blasting out hot air like over 1000cfm Then um sure u should worry, with temps at 80 degrees in the winter u would def show up on the radar. Im sure this is the new #1 way for cops to bust now and days. Just think about your dryer for your clothing. that disipates a good amount of heat from your house, but its not enough to ask a question.
  5. jay42

    jay42 Registered+

    That doesn't make sense to me. Just because your house shows up as warmer than anyone else's you're growing weed? What if you just like your house warm, or you were testing the heat, or you wanted to grow some sort of legal plant that needed warmth? This sounds like it is mostly from the movies.
  6. Zohar

    Zohar Registered+

    Well it's not just a little warmer. Like Jack said you'd be giving off a shitload more heat then normal.
  7. Deejay2163

    Deejay2163 Registered+

    look...they can listen to your every word spoken inside your very own house from the outside without bugging your house.the technology is even available to you through the form of hunting devices now popular here in the states.if they suspect you, they'll get you.best thing to do is to grow for just yourself,keep your mouth shut, resist the urge to brag about your grow and stay off the cops radar .
  8. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    Even if the plant is outside..it stores so much energy a large enough plant will pretty much glow on an infrared camera..
  9. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    nice i dident know that do ya think that if you have enuff cool air blowing on and in between the plants do ya think that would stop them showing up on infra red
    cheers all :)
  10. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    Its fairly hard for them to differentiate between a grow light and just any other light, the tale tale signs are vents pumping out hot air, that's what they look for. All you need to do is not use any more than 1000W and your fine. There's a crack down on energy consumption and water consumption now, so they don't need as much of an excuse as they used too. The yanks are still guzzling the Worlds resources so they can get away with larger Ops I'd imagine.
  11. pspmachine

    pspmachine Registered+

    All you need to make sure is that you have your loft insulated, if you dont know if you do or not then you need to check before you start growing.

  12. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    Mmmm...world's resources... (said in Homer voice)
  13. Mary Stokes

    Mary Stokes Registered

    in the uk, most of us have loft insulation but its on the floor and not in the rafters, its the way its done over here.
    our lofts aint really meant to be rooms .
  14. hello3pat

    hello3pat Registered+

    There once was a case, in america, where a man was busted for growing due to the cops looking at random houses using thermal camera's. He won the case on the grounds that it was invasion of privacy.
  15. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

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