Help, 3 weeks old, Stunned Growth, Drooping Leaves

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by TheRealist99, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm new to indoor growing and need some advice. My 3 week old plant has stopped growing and is drooping. It hasn't shown any new growth in over a week. The PH is fine 6.5-7.0. Was using Enriched Miracle grow soil until today, i transplanted to ProMix HP. I may have over-watered but i'm not completely sure. The bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow. It's on a 18/6 hour light cycle under 400w MH. Also I had already waited 2 days for my soil to dry before i decided to transplant and i didn't see any sign of the plant recovering, that's actually why i decided to transplant. I also always leave my water sitting out uncovered for 24-48 hours to rid itself of any chlorine etc. Also when i transplanted into the Pro Mix HP the roots were what seemed to be gathering on the bottom and growing from the bottom towards the top on the sides of the pot, not in the soil. And also the "knot" was fairly tight. Is all that normal? Or is that a sign that the roots are not getting enough oxygen? Or could it be something like "rootbound"? I thought it seemed weird. Another question i have is in other forums on this website i read that when your leaves start to yellow especially from the bottom up, that usually it means i have some sort of nutrient deficiency. Possibly not enough nitrogen maybe? Any thoughts on that? Any advice or suggestions would help. I have uploaded Pictures.

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    Hi 99,

    Do you know the room temperature, also what is the temperature of the feed water, and are you using any type of nutes?

    I'm not familiar with the soil(s) you're using but if you have been overwatering this will cause the leaves to droop, also you may have washed out some of the premixed nutes from the soil.

    The best thing you can do is let them dry out properly wait until the pot feels light before adding more water. They will love you for it.
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    When they are starting out, its very common to take 2-4 days between watering, depending on how much hydration your mixture holds. So the fact that you 'waited' 2 days for it to dry out, leads me to believe you've been over watering. Which as stated above, will cause drooping.

    Roots: I wish I had my pictures of a rootbound plant. I've had quite a few that took up as much volume as the grow medium in the containers, so it would be equal parts roots and soil, basically, I would pull the plant out of the container by the stem, and the soil wouldn't move, none would fall off, and I'd have to pry the roots to get to the soil underneath :) The roots gathering on the bottom and then searching up or down is normal, they congregate where the moisture is, and then when they start getting dry, they go out in search of more. This is normal, and not bad.

    As far as your pretty little girls go, you just switched soil, so give them a few days and let them use up the moisture you've got going now. Then maybe start them on a low dose of nitrogen, because thats all this looks like, is a touch of over watering, and a lack of nitrogen. (Btw, the over watering would be the reason you don't have enough air in your mix, but you can always stand to use more perlite)
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    Thanks for your advise guys. My plant is just now starting to come back around to the healthy side. The leaves are starting to pick back up and pointing towards the sky! I hope it keeps getting better because i'm starving it of water at the moment. It was definitely over-watering from what i can tell. Maybe a slight nutrient deficiency as well because now the two bottom leaves are really yellow and dry and crumbling apart when i touch it. Anyway thanks for the help. I have attached a picture. ( I am open to suggestions if anyone has any). Superbud plant coming back to life on May 5, 2013.JPG
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    Hey 99,

    They are looking good and healthy now, we're all guilty sometimes of overreaction - killing them with love if you will. I think you got some really good advise above and I wouldn't worry too much about the lowest leaves- I think the leaves can pass the point of no return sometimes, it's good practice to remove any dried or damaged foliage from the plant and medium to reduce the risk of mould.

    The best thing I found is to temp match (there or there about) feed to room temp. This allows the plant to absorb the available nutrients and avoid any lockouts.

    As I say they look good to me, good luck and happy harvest.


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