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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by peace plz, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. peace plz

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    Hi everyone. So I am doing an indoor grow, my growlog is in my sig, but to bring everyone up to speed here is where im at:

    2 girls, lowryders, day 30, both have been looking really really good so far.

    im feeding with watered mixed with pure blend pro bloom for soil. and i am also using a bit of molasses. pH of my water is around 6.6 or so.

    temps are at 78°F, humidity at 40-50%.

    For a little while ive noticed a few leafs starting to brown just at the very tip of the leaf. the browning is VERY limited, maybe 2 mm in length. and slowly this browning has spread to all the leaves. but the thing is, none of the browning is extending further than just the very tip of the leaves. just like 2mm at most.

    i dont have pictures right now. i looked around on the forum to see if i could see anyone that had the same problem, but didnt find anything after a little bit of research, so i thought i would just come to you guys. ive also checked out the page that has all the plant problems, but i couldnt find anything that described JUST the tips of the plant turning brown. maybe i am missing something?

    can anyone PLEASE help me out with this, as id like to get this taken care of.

    thank you all so much.
  2. Smokealotapotamus

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    the same thing was happening to me... i think your leaves are burning. i reccomend moving your plants further away from the lights and do NOT trim the burnt leaves.
  3. peace plz

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    Yeah this is my tallest girl, and the tips of the leaves are pretty close. but i dont think they are TOO close. i dont know. maybe.

    theres just no yellowing or anything associated with the SLIGHT browning of the tips.

    i just tried taking pics, and the brown parts are so small that it is impossible for me to get a clear picture of it.
  4. peace plz

    peace plz Registered+

    ok i just thuroughly checked the plant and heres what i have seen:

    about 60% of the leaves have the browning tips. the brown is only for the first 1mm on most, on a few 2mm.

    there is ONE leave that has a random patch of yellow on it.

    on some of the leaf tips that are brown, the tips are starting to point downward, but this isnt on all of them.

    besides this, they look really healthy.

    and its not just the leaves that are close to the light, its leaves everywhere.

    IF i do have to flush them, would it be advised to flush them right away even if i just watered/fed them yesterday? would this not cause over watering? thanks
  5. Weedhound

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    how much nutes are you feeding them? Could be slight overnute if it's not just the ones near the light. Can't tell you about the flushing, sorry, don't grow soil.
  6. CanGro

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    browning of the tips is usually heat stress. move your lights a bit further away and add a fan so its got constent air circulation.

    Nute burn usualy starts on the edges of the leafs.
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  7. peace plz

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    weedhound...i am using my nutes at half strength. what they recommended for smaller plants. i just mixed up some stronger nute solution yesterday too...hmmm. maybe i will dilute it just a bit.

    cangro...i dont know how i could have gotten heat stress. temps have never gone over 82°F, except for one 45 minute period when my fan shut off accidentally, and the temps spiked up to 90°F for just those 45 minutes. and i do have a fan blowing on the space between the light and the plants. anyways, could be heat stress. i dont know.

    i think i will just water with plain pH'd water this next go around and see how they respond. maybe the following watering i will give them some weak nutes and try to get back on the schedule again.

    i just wont worry about it until i see other changes.

    i'll keep you all updated. just check out my grow log.
  8. Nochowderforyou

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    Browning tips usually mean overfeeding, or there is a nutrient buildup from not proper drainage.

    Nute buildup happens when proper drainage isn't there. Like, when you water, and no water comes out of the bottom of the pot, that will cause a buildup of nutes for example.

    You said heat isn't the problem, and by the temps you gave it shouldn't be, unless the top is too close to the lights, or are touching the lights, that will happen.

    I'd ease up on the nutes for the next few waterings and see what happens, because by the sounds of it, it is getting too much fert.
  9. Perkins

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    I had one plant doing the same thing....brown right at the tip...I've seen that its overwatering , overfeeding, root bound...well...I'm guilty on all three of these...I had one plant that I didn't have room for so left it in the SOLO cup I started it in....none of my other plants had the I figure it was root bound..not draining properly...and therefore...a little over fed...I have moved it to a larger pot (because it was already starting to flower ahead of some of the others)....and , check your pot size...drainage...and food input...and ADJUST accordingly....the brown tips weren't hurting anything..they just looked bad..and being a PRIDEFUL beginner that I am....I want the PERFECT PLANTS........good luck...:)

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