HELP! Busted By Hear Say (Kids Words)

Discussion in 'Legal' started by SmokeyMcRock, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Hi i am currently awaiting trail & i was wondering if somebody could tell me how i stand & if it has a chance of getting it dropped before trail
    Felony 1: Delivery/Manufacturing of Marijuana
    Felony 2: Tampering with evidence/threating

    here is what happend at about 11pm, the police call my house & asked for me i didnt wana talk to the cops (who does?) so my sis said i wasnt home & he said i needed to return his call about delivering marijuana, & i called him the next day & he wouldnt talk over the phone he wanted me to go to the station (stupidly i never went to the station, my lawyer said it was a good call on my part tho) & i was charged with it without having a chance, & i told them i wanted to fight it that its some bullshit, i didnt do anything, i got the police report (had the names of the kids & shit & of course im pissed about getting blamed so i called them out on it & 1 of the kids started saying i was upset so i told him i should beat the shit outta him for running his fucking mouth & according to the police report after he started calling the cops everyday saying i was threating him & harrasing him blah blah blah which added on a 2nd felony), i payed $1500 for a good lawyer & the only thing they had was the 2 kids words saying that they got pot from me, & 2 months after the incident my brother had an accident & we needed to call 911 for medical help (OD) & while the cops where there, they where talking smack about my brother & i called them out on it i said thats disrespectful to come here & talk smack about my brother like that were all inside & can hear every word & none of the cops knew what to say they all kinda stood there like uhhh fuckk & 1 cops said will u shoulda called us for help then & i said yeah i called u guys to come here & help not to come here & disrespect my family like that & i walked back in & 10 min later the posse of pigs come back down to bitch us out & 1 of the officers got right up in my face & told me he had no respect for me that me & him have a passed (we dont have a passed we had 1 incident) & he started going on about how he respects the ladies but not me & the very next day i get a paper from the court for a hearing & when i went to the hearing i didnt go into the room to see the judge at all, the lawyer went in & came out with delyed sentence, which was 6 months probation & drug assessment classes (the only thing he got dropped for $1500 was community service & with them having no evidence just hear say, shouldnt it have been dropped?) if i took it to trail what could happen? ive been told it would get dropped befor it got taken to trail...
    What would happen if i lost in trail?

    Note: The police here dont like my family at all, they know my family from past incidents (bro OD 10+) would that change anything going into court?
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    thats some jenky shit bro and my neighbor is a cop and he tells me shit about creative writing and ways they fuck people. but at the same time i know if you can afford agood lawyer youll prolly get off in cali any way budyy got 180 days com service for 2 stolen cars 300 pounds guns and over six figures in cash its a double edge sword and good luck.
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    Big question that needs to be answered before you'll get any answers -- how old are you?

    Secondly, punctuation is your friend around these boards. Your post is really hard to follow, which might turn some other (more knowledgeable) posters off from trying to piece everything together. Listen to your lawyer, if you shelled out that much money for him already, and you still haven't gone to trial, then he had better be a damn good trial lawyer.
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    Please for the love of sweet ganja use at least sorta decent grammer, some paragraph form and punctuation would of at least influenced me to read the whole post. I got half way through and couldn't continue because my eyes hurt.
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    It was hard to understand your post because you did not use periods or punctuation, and your sentences mostly ran together. However, it sounds to me like you were busted on your words, not the kid's. What I mean by that is this: you should never, *ever*, disrespect a cop. I don't care if he is the a totally disrespectful a$$&ole toward you, the fact is he can make your life a living hell, so just give him respect.

    All I can say is look up your lawyer's experience to make sure he has experience fighting charges like yours. You do not want some newbie that has no experience in drug charges. Your life is in his hands. You wouldn't want a plastic surgeon doing your heart surgery, would you? Same thing with lawyers... make sure he is a good one, however you can. If he is experienced, he should know what to do. And be as respectful, clean, and professional as you can in front of the judge, even if he is more of a prick then the cop was (*especially* if he is a prick).

    It sounds like your case is over, so there is not much you can do now. If the evidence was as little as it seems, I would think your lawyer could have done better then he did. I think he should have gotten all the charges dropped actually. A jury could not legally convict you on hearsay. The evidence has to be beyond a reasonable doubt... and the evidence you have told us about just is not.

    In fact, if what you say is true I wouldn't even think the charges could've been filed in the first place (there was no real probable cause to file the charges). I sense we haven't gotten the full story from you. Maybe I just misunderstood you or something. Anyway... good luck.
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    Bro lets be .... serious they only have 2 teenagers words for evidence, they got squat! Fight it! plain and simple..
    Your lawyer should've advise this already??
    is their some physical evidence of this eledged activy ?
    and good job standing up for your family!
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    Thank you, saved me typin it

    Dude that was hard to make sence of.. But you really need to be asking a lawyer this..

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    Another case of keeping it real gone wrong

    If, when confronted by the authorities, you act/talk like a like you can expect to be treated like a thug.

    Do NOT keep it real. Kiss their asses three bags full. No shame in that. In your case it may have saved you $1500 and the hassle of probation and the humility of community service.

    Your going to jail will not help your brother anymore than some smart ass cop whose only reason for being a cop is to harass people like you.

    Just another case of keeping it real gone wrong.

    Hope your brother is doing better and everything works out for you.
  10. Reefer Rogue

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    Words shouldn't be sufficient evidence to supress someone's liberties. Will you be found guilty 'beyond a reasonable doubt'? Probably not but this 'justice' system is already flawed so logic may not work as it should.
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    Your family has nothing to do with it.

    As your lawyer about going to trial, he should know your chances, but it might cost you more.

    Did anyone see you talk to the kids who accused you? If not that's just hearsay as well.

    Somehow I think there's more to this than we are hearing here, but you would probably be better off listening to your lawyer, and asking him these questions, and telling him everything.

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