HELP, crispy brown leaves??

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by stevendre, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. stevendre

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    can i have your opinions on a problem i have, my plants leaves are turning crispy brown, and more or less crumble in your hands when touched. i know the easiest way for me to show would be a picture, i tried this but you carnt see very well with the picture.
    they actualy look like burnt off the lights but lights are a ft from the buds, so there well clear, plants are three weeks from harvest, buds are still white, so there not browning off yet, plants are in 15litre pots of coco, any advice would be apreciated, cheers
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  3. stevendre

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    i have managed to get pictures of my problem, BUT to large to add on here, dont know how to resize them, but have somehow managed to add as my aviator, so any comments?.
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    get a free program called pixresizer and resize the pics, when you start a therad or reply scroll down to the Additional Options section and click on manage attachments in the attach files part then browse and find your pics

    hope this helps
  6. stinkyattic

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    Those look SCORCHED. HAve you been overfeeding them?
  7. Weedhound

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  8. stinkyattic

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    Hm.. I'm not aware of any 'blight' type diseases that you'd commonly find on cannabis. Like, viral type. I'm thinking fert burn plus high heat on that one. pH problem could contribute but it's #3 on my list, and until the OP gives more info, it's a big ???
  9. stevendre

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    finally got a couple of pictures sorted, now this has only happened in the last week, with three weeks left until harvest, feed and ph levels seem ok, i have done nothing different all the way through the bloom stage, only started adding boost for the last four weeks. temp is 88f but does creep up to 90 for an hour or two later in day. and my whole crop is going like this.

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  10. Weedhound

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    Well here'd be my guess...bloom boost overdose.....major league. I'm only saying that because I'll bet your plants were doing fine before it and now look half dead. And ARE half dead I think. Whatever the last thing you "changed" or "added" and then your problems started is where the problem lies. And I'm thinking its the bloom boost.

    What to do? Flush. Do you have something like FloraKleen? If not then straight ph'd water and that's all. If you leave them as is you're most likely going to have a bunch of crispy nothings in a few weeks. You may feel free to disregard this advice (please...... because I have a feeling those may very well be done already.)

    I cannot offer you any more tips since besides the photos and the mention of coco I can't get much more info out of you except that "the levels seem ok" Without some clear numbers and names of what you are using. I'm just too afraid to guess.

    Good luck.
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  11. Weedhound

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    Was that "bloom boost" Gravity?
  12. Weedhound

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    If it is Gravity by some chance get your light WAAAAYYYYY back.
  13. stevendre

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    thanks weedhound, i think your advice is right, just hope i can salvage something:(
  14. stevendre

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    i use ionic bloom(made by growthtechnology uk), for last eight weeks, and add boost (also made by them)to this for the last four weeks to add more weight to buds.
  15. Weedhound

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    Sounds like exactly along the same line as Gravity. Did you perhaps overuse it because I'm pretty sure that's exactly what Gravity would do it you overused OR didn't pull your lights back a foot or so. Is the burning on the stuff closest to the light?

    Again....I'm guessing here.....not enough info....hint HINT.....good luck :)
  16. Weedhound

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    What kind of water? Tap? PH ? TALK TO ME STEVE!!!!:(
  17. KL4D4

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    Go out and buy a dehumidifier, puts out a good amount of R/O water.
  18. ohkelly

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    You've done something very wrong to those poor plants. And, without better pics (probably with them, too), I'd have to agree with Weedhound that the last change you made is to blame. That is, unless you've made more than one change in the last little while.

    Flush, flush and flush, and back off on the lights, because something is killing those babies dead.

    IOW, growhead Weedhound has it covered, I think.

    So, I guess the only *new* advice I can give you is to give the plants a thorough foliar rinse, too. Hose them off real good. It might help. Oh, and bigger pictures, too.
  19. stevendre

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    tap water, but i always fill container, leave it a day before i ph and add feed, my ph levels are always 5.8, like you say if its something i have just changed, all it can be is the boost i have just added, but i have done nothing any different to any other time.
  20. Weedhound

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    Good...that sounds good....just wanted to make sure you didn't have a deficiency of some kind and then send you off in the wrong direction to treat your plants.

    Remove as much stress as possible from the plants....easy on the lighting etc....let us know how they do....

    good luck ;)

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