Help! Drying buds in ~10 degrees Celsius (45F). Problem?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by hory, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. hory

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    So a plant is hanging upside down in a dark cold room in a house that's not used anymore. It's winter so it's pretty cold inside, about 5-10 degrees Celsius, that's about 42-50 F. Is it too cold for the buds? will they freeze or something? and what if the temperature drops beyond freezing? should I get it out of there?
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    Here is one of the best ways to dry plants to retain the maximum amount of psychoactive THC. Cut the entire ripe plant at the base and hang it upside down on a line to dry. Try to keep plants from touching each other to avoid uneven drying and mold. Keep the humidity between 50-60 percent. Keep the temperature at about 60-70 degrees F. (15-21 degrees C.). The room should be relatively dark as light, especially direct sunlight, degrades THC.A circulation and ventilation fan may be necessary to control heat and humidity. You can also use a dehumidifier to control humidity or an air conditioner to lower ambient relative humidity and control room temperature.

    Posted not by me but by Harvesthetic on a different post. Found it to be a great guide as looking into growing and then obviously drying/curing soon.
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    It wasn`t a good crop and i don`t actually recomment it. but it`smoked since long time ago so... thanks for your reply
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    Saw this on youtube:

    Cut and hang them in a nice dark room. Take them just before the stalks become brittle (you can bend them almost to the point of breaking). Trim the buds, segregate them according to size and have a jar for each size category. Put them inside the jar and take them out for a couple of minutes everyday. This should give you control on their moisture level. Hope this helps.
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    Direct sunlight degrades THC? I know nothing about about growing/drying/curing but I always read stuff in forums about special care and procedures. I can't help but wonder if anything is correct as pot grown naturally outside does all of these things on its own.
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    It will dry slow, but as long as the humidity is low, it will be fine.

    Better dry cold than dry hot... You could move it to the attic to get some warmth during the day, as long as it isn't hot.

    If other people might wander into the house, the attic would be safer.
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    This is one thing I’ve never done but disagree with the theory ... I live in northern Ontario and when the cold comes you have to use a humidifier in the house and from going out side your hands and skin dry up way more then in the summer and spring months of the year because there is much less moisture in the air in the dead of winter which would only mean it should dry out faster ...

    Everything else dries faster in cold why not weed.. keep in mind I’m notntalking about something soaking wet that will just freeze into an ice cube

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