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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by buzzedagain, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. buzzedagain

    buzzedagain Registered

    Hi all,I have several plants out side , There only 12 in high and healthy, but there starting to flower. I dont mind finding about the male ,But how to i stop the females from flowering . I want them BIG this fall. I really could use some advice. Thanks
  2. Garden Knowm

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    UMMMMMMMMMMMMM... are you in the North Western Hemisphere? The USA or Canada?

    Did you plant them next to a building?

    If for some reason they are flowering and you are in North America, they will comeout of it very soon.. It does not make sense, unless you have them up against a building or under something which is making there days shorter using artificial means..

    A plant that gets 15+ hours of light should be fine and continue its vegatative state..

    : )

    POST a pic

    : )
  3. buzzedagain

    buzzedagain Registered

    GK, Thanks for your reply. I live in tn. My plants areout in the open and doing fine aside from there premature flowering. They arnt growing fast any longer and my guess isall there energy is going to flowering. Two thing to note, one-I have 1 sativa strain (kali mist) that isnt flowering while the 2 indica strains are,Secondly I started these plants under flroressant 24/24 untill I could hardened them off out side Thanks again for your help
  4. Garden Knowm

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    I think you can look on the web and see how many hours of light your area of the country is getting now... You should do this and share with us.. it would be interesting to know... I suspect that they will go back into their vegetative state very shortly...

    can you post some pictures?


    : )
  5. Krogith

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    same thing

    friend put out doors to early what happend is the plant prebuded and would not grow new sprouts where buds came on befor spring ( he collected the weed) and the plant and lower stem shot up sprouts and shit from the base made more off a rounder bush . you might wana bring that one strain in and put on a 18/6 now if possable, the other 2 seem like there diff climte strain and are going be fine Springs comming soon so GL:smokin:
  6. latewood

    latewood Banned

    the whole thing was answered when you stated that the indica's were the flowering plants while the sativa is still in pre-flower stage...
    Indica grow of shorter stature than sativa and take generally 50-70% shorter time to finish than sativa

    some sativa can take up to 4 months to finish.
    Indica's can finish in 6 weeks...

    Now if you are getting 15 hours of light...???

    Just wanted in on the discussion. lw
  7. buzzedagain

    buzzedagain Registered

    Thanks all for your input, it is much appreciated. As of This evening my indicas are budding with no signs of letting up. Im getting about 14 hours of day light now. My ladies have a beautiful sun rise over looking a lake , full sun untill about 5 pm then the sun settles behind some trees, but they have bright light untill the sun goes down. I have them now under a 400wMH light , 18/6 in hopes to reverse them back to vegitive growth, Also Im keeping the N up with blood meal and foliage feeding with fish emulson. Again my plants are healthy just budding prematurely. It just needs to stop so I can grow these babies out proper. Im still of a mind that starting out earliy(End of Feb.) and keeping them under 24/24 floressences untill the weather was mild enough to take outside. These are nice beans White Rhino, White Russian, and Kali mists. It would suck not to beable to get a worth while crop out of them.Any help on this fellas,? Think maybe I should pick the buds to help them turn around? Thanks again Buzz Ps. Im working on some pics
  8. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    I would not pick the buds... you are now going to have some funky ass growth.. I actually like this kind of growth...

    Each Calyx will turn into a branch... have you seen this before..? The plant will get very very bushy..

    : )
  9. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I don't think it's possible for a plant to be flowering in Tenn. right now.
    Are you sure they aren't pre flowers that your looking at. How about a pic?
  10. Krogith

    Krogith Registered+


    a bud will turn back into a steam and veg you shure? my buddies did not but like i said that was my one time experence with pre muture outdoor budding. I'm just courious you seen that happen?:smokin: none of mine in 10 years have but im indoor so thats why
  11. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    Unless it's a auto flower strain.

    The Blue Dot's that You cloned in flower did that KNowm.
    Is that the strain your talking about?
  12. icebelowfreeze

    icebelowfreeze Registered+

    seems like you got it down pat buzz, lemme know how it smokes
  13. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    ya he's got it down...LOL
    Now he does.
    Not laughing at Buzzed agian
  14. buzzedagain

    buzzedagain Registered

    : Hi Garden Knowm, Jdog, and Lw. Thanks for your replys. Yes my girls are still budding even under 18/6 lights. Not to sould like a dumb ass, But I went and took pics for you to see, Ive got them on my computer but I cant find a way to post them here. will you give a compter ignorant soul some help posting my pic:Rasta: Thanks
  15. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    hit post reply....then the attachment button down below. Choose your pics and upload.
  16. Krogith

    Krogith Registered+

    I'm courious

    GK didn't respond tell me your exp on what happends to a stem that buds and then 18/6 turns it back tell me if the buds sprout new veg or if it start veg in new areas......:smokin: interested
  17. buzzedagain

    buzzedagain Registered

    Hi all, Krogith, my babies are doing fine now. Buds Arnt delveloping any longer and showing signs of vegitive growth. To all that replyed to my thread I sincerilythank you and value your insite, but I got to thinking whats happening to my plants, there healthy only budding premature. what is wrong with thios picture is Im out of sync with mother nature. I started in feb.(to soon)and I kept them under 24/24 lights inside untill it was safe for them outside,What were there girls suppost to think when they went from 24 to 14 hour, Time to bud, talk about fuckin with her boilgical time clock. Any ways there in the ground now and Im eager to see whatcomes this fall. Just my opion And no disrespect to all the knowlegable people here in this forum but I think people are getting to techinical about all this. After all it is still a weed and seems to grow best when we arent fuckin with it all the time . They know what to do, all we have to do is flo with mother nature and maybe alittle 15/15/15 for good measure. My advice to any one is to grow a garden with tomatos cabbage,peppers etc....youll catch the rhythm and the mystry and bullshit around weed will fade away. To all that answered - PEACE---- BUZZ out

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