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    I found a few tidbits on the interwebs...First is putting a thin layer of sand over the top of your potting soil which inhibits the gnats from reaching the soil, but still allows water to hit your soil. The second is taking about a cup of water and adding a few drops of dish soap...make sure you use something like palmolive which is biodegradable...then agitate slightly to sud and pour on your soil which should kill the gnats...

    Mind that these are remedies I found on the internet and havn't actually tried them myself but the sand at least seems safe and fairly inexpensive :)
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    I once thought along the same lines with the sand treatment, but from what I've heard recently, it's not all that reliable. I don't think it will hurt, and you will end up having light reflect off of it, but you'll eventually end up with a sandy mess for a top dressing.

    Maybe think about picking up a few of those non-toxic pest strips, and hang them somewhere above the affected pots. If you can keep them near a light, the adults will gravitate right to them. Just be careful that any fans you may have don't blow them into any foliage, or you'll end up tearing the leaves to get them off. For the larvae, best method to kill them is obviously to be careful about not overwatering. Also, make sure that even after a light watering, there is no standing water in the trays beneath the pots. Take away their moisture, and watch their numbers decline!

    Take care. :jointsmile:
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    I buy pyrethrin concentrate at my local grow shop. Add 30ml (2 tbsp) per gallon and give them a thorough watering. It will kill your gnats and has no adverse effects. If you're dealing with fungus gnats apply once a week for 4 weeks as you have eggs and larvae in your medium and they have about a 30 day life cycle.

    I've found unidentified critters on occasion and one application did away with them.

    It takes a fairly high population of fungus gnats to affect your plants. I've kept them in check by spraying the adults daily, but if you have more than 2 weeks left I'd go with my first suggestion.
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    Whatever the reason for using dishsoap, as a surfactant (works great) or as indicated above, (which I've never tried personally...only bugs I get are flies) be sure that it is not antibacterial. If it is an antibacterial soap, it will kill the bioactivity in your soil. Also, I could be wrong, but I believe some dishsoaps can be an unwanted source of various phosphates, so easy does it. :thumbsup:
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    stick a 'Hot Shot No-Pest Strip' in there ... been using them for years, never had a bug problem :thumbsup: yes, they are safe to use :jointsmile:
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    My last two bags of Moisture Control MG had gnats eggs in the potting soil. ( it's suppose to be near sterile....:wtf: )

    anyways, I don't do anything about them, they don't seem to effect my plants?...and I enjoy trying to catch them...mono a mono...:stoned:
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    yeah, gnats are cheap entertainment :thumbsup:- just slow enough for me to catch, but fast enough to provide some sport ... (my fly-catchin days are behind me :() ...
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    I'm glad you said that....:thumbsup:

    I was beginning to think it was some sort of psycho thing...:lol5:...with me?
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    Ok know, I know where the buggers are coming from Miracle Grow.
    my bags of Miracle Grow Organic Choice also has gnats. grrrrrrrrrr
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    Run for Cover. :D
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    My MG had those nasty lil buggers too
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    fine playground sand works awesome...hang a few sticky traps, 1-2" of playground sand and gnats almost completely go away in 24 hours...I always leave my sand on just to be sure they don't come back ;)
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    I have to chime in too.. the bugs I saw were indeed gnats and must have come from the miracle grow. Possibly this is from sitting at the hardware store all summer long? :Tomcat:
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    It seems that all the MG soils come with gnats included for entertainment lmao:smokin:

    Easiest way I found to get rid of them without covering the dirt with sand is "soda pop, wine, honey, apple cider vinegar". Pour about a half inch worth in a plastic cup, cover with plastic, pokes some holes in plastic, place cup next to plants, and watch the gnats get stuck and die. This works for me but I only ever see a few gnats weekly.
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    Myself when I get them I just use those bug catching fly strips that come in a little tube and are awesome sticky....

    Over a couple weeks it gets them, but if you already have viable eggs in the soil it could take a few weeks to get rid of them all.

    THEY WILL NOT HARM YOUR PLANT, so don't freak out. They are a nuisance. Any potted mix with holes in the bag that is stored outdoors will get them.
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    The sand trick worked great for me.

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