HELP, how do i clip my plant?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dankkevin, Sep 21, 2008.

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    i heard that in flowering stage if the spear has a lot of leafs on the spear it can take the thc and you need to clip it. how do you clip it? do you just cut it all or which leafs do i take off. i got like 15 spears with like a gram each on um.. it still has A LOTTTT of white hairs on it.. the see through ones.. do those go away and others come or are those the hairs that shrivle up? ill take pics soon
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    Slow down chopper.

    Yes, those are the "hairs" that turn red/brown and shrivel.:)

    Best to leave the top leaf alone.
    They are the photoreceptors, lungs and larder for the buds and are there for reasons.

    When the plant is finished with the lower fan leafs, she will suck the innards out and discard them. That leaves only the top leaf for photosynthesis, etc.
    You can pluck off the occasional sugar leaf as harvest approaches and 'scope it for amber trichomes without mauling a bud.
    That will give you some control of the nature of the stone.
    Harvesting before the trichs are "mostly cloudy" will hurt your yield.
    Waiting too long will decrease potency and storage time.

    All cloudy, no amber = short "uppey" high with a crash
    Less amber= up and spacey but longer lasting with "sparkle vision". :D
    More amber= pain relief and some "body" high.
    Mostly amber= couchlock and munchies.

    These effects can be very strain dependent as well.

    When harvesting, most folks pull and clip all the sugar leaf for taste and looks of the bud.
    Don't discard them though.
    They do have a lot of trichomes and are second only to flowering tips in potency.
    They can be cured and smoked, but I'm a little picky about taste and feel of my meds, so I save them for making bubblehash.:cool:

    If you wanna :weedpoke:, mo' betta to :weedpoke: where it don't hurt, ya?:D

  3. Leaves are like solar panels. Don't clip.

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