Help!!! How long till there ready? Dark pistols and darkening of calyxes.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Lala88, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Lala88

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    This is my first grow they're kinda sparse as I did alot of fan lead trimming. I noticed my calyxes are turning a dark color and my pistils are turning Amber lots of trics no access to check coloring im not sure on how many weeks I'm at they are an autoflower! Are dark calyxes normal how long does it look like I should wait they are on 16/8 light schedule.
  2. Kimberly.young

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    I am pretty sure its harvest time.....
  3. Johneyboy1234

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    Agree cut them down before the thc loses potency.
  4. Jose Conseco

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    THC does not "lose potency," as such. Under certain conditions, Tetrahydrocannabinol WILL begin to oxidize. Which will render it ineffective. Now, I believe Johneyboy is reefering to the "PODR," or "point of diminishing returns." Which reefers to a change in the growth and developement of the plant. After the plant reaches maturity and "peaks out" in terms of the production of THC. It will decrease the energy being used to produce THC and the PLANT can lose potency. Although, at this point it is not likely that oxidation will effect the potency of the THC already produced. The plant will soon begin to withdraw energy from the task of producing MORE THC, and focus more on maturing the elements related to seed production and seed protection. Such as hardening the leaves and seed sheaths. This means the plant will be growing more vegetation, and not imbuing it with more THC, thereby lowering the amount of THC per weight. The worst part of these changes, is actually the hardening of the plant as well as the production of different hormones and types of cells. This often results in the buds becoming harsh and less pleasant to smoke.
    To the original poster, I would urge you to research the signs of PODR, as well as information about other changes in the stage of growth.
    And most of all, I wish everybody GOOD LUCK! Blessings, safety, peace and harmony. I am sending my good vibrations to help you. Keep up the good work soul family!!!

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