Help! I have a hair follicle test in the near future!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by crunde85, May 17, 2010.

  1. crunde85

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    Can somebody please give me some advice on how to pass a hair follicle test? I had the UA last week and I subbed. The last step in the pre-employment process is this damned hair test. I NEED THIS JOB DESPERATLY

    I (25yrs, M, 185lbs) haven't smoked in about 5-6 days. I cut my hair pretty short (#4) but not like marine short.

    What can I do to be sure I pass this test? I am supposed to call and setup the appointment by Friday this week and my hair is too short right now so I might be able to wait another week or two.

    I heard about bleaching and redyeing. And also baking soda. And also some products that can be purchased at a beauty supply store (Sally's).

    What would be the best solution for me? One of them or all 3? Any other suggestions? Desperate for answers here guys...

    Please help

  2. Deige

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    How long is your hair right now?
  3. crunde85

    crunde85 Registered

    I cut it with the #4 setting on the top and a #2 on the sides. Id say probably 1/4 of an inch. I hope its not too short :\

    I also too the trimmed my leg hair and arm hair back to 1/4 inch. Chest, pits, and pubes are gone.
  4. crunde85

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    I just plucked a hair from the top of my head and measured it. 3/4 of an inch.

    I was quite surprised, it doesn't look that long. Also, FYI I have pretty thin hair, and I have blonde / light brown colored hair.

    BTW Deige, Iv'e followed your posts. You really go out of your way to help out your fellow stoners.
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  5. Deige

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    3/4 of an inch will be suffecient for the tester. Since you shaved your arm pits, that's where we really want to keep he/she at test time. The next place they would go would be your legs and the bleach and redeye on those would be a little tricky. The only thing I can recommend in your situation would be the Jerry G's method. It's a two step bleach and redeye with a baking soda and Zydot shampoo treatment following. If you follow this method to a "T" I think you'll have a substantial chance of passing. It's not 100% but it's your only hope. Good Luck.

    Jerry G's hair test strategy:

    This method is not fool proof, but does have a very high(90%+) success rate.

    THC metabolites are stored in the cortex of the hair strand. The cortex is protected by a layer of scales called the cuticle. To strip the metabolites from the cortex, the cuticle needs to be opened and penetrated.

    Basics open the cuticle due to their PH levels above 7. Baking soda, bleach, and ammonia are all are strong basics that help to open the cuticle.

    Shampoos like Toxin Wash and Zydot contain strong stripping agents, that combined with bleaching and redying yield a very high success rate in passing hair tests.

    I think going to a pro is best for bleaching and redying, but it can be done at home.

    The basic plan is to bleach and redye twice. Use a 40 volume peroxide bleach. Ignore the hair pros and sign a waiver if needed. I think washing out the bleach and the dye with a very strong shampoo like Toxin Wash works best. The second bleach and redye should be done at least 10 days after the last session of herb. If you have little or no clean time, the last bleach and redye should be done as close to the test as possible.

    The day of the test make a thick baking soda paste and massage it into your hair. Then do a full TW treatment and then a full Zydot treatment. These two shampoos compliment each other.

    Good luck, almost everyone who does this passes...


    I have no experience with them, but some people have had success with hair relaxers and perm treatments. These products contain propylene glycol and ammonia, which are proven to open the cuticle and reduce metabolites. I'd wash with TW or another good shampoo after treatment.

    There is a common misconception that AloeRid Shampoo helps to pass a test. It does nothing. It is the discontinued AloeRid Treatment that contained a high propylene glycol content, and was effective.

    There is a treatment program called the Macujo Method. It works for some people, especially those with thin light hair, or low levels of usage. It does not work well for heavy users with little clean time. It did not work at all for me.

    Best of luck to all--Jerry G
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  6. crunde85

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    Have you heard of any special shampoos other than Zydot? Something I can get at Sally's Beauty Supply? Like a hair follicle cleanser or something.
  7. Deige

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    Zydot shampoo and other cleansers are manufactured specifically for beating drug tests. My guess would be no, most salons will not carry them.
  8. crunde85

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    Ordered some Zydot Ultra Clean off eBay today.

    Now to find somebody to bleach my hair and redye it.. I already asked this girl I know who does hair and she wont even do it! wtf :wtf:
  9. cowgirl1

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    Hate to bring bad news. However, there is no way to cheat on a hair follicle testing. Hair follicle is the most reliable and accurate test around. The is why FBI, DEA, ATF etc us them now. Hari follicle will give a persons complete DNA.
  10. crunde85

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    Aww really? Thanks Mom! Go make me some pancakes.

    You are making blind statement into the dark with no facts or proof. Your creditability is very low. I'll believe my boy Deige over you any day. Take your ‘downerism’ and goto a forum that eats up bullshit and lies.. Are you being paid by Uncle Sam to discourage us fellow cannabis users from living free lives? Take a hike lady... :smokin:
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  11. crunde85

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    UPDATE: I followed Jerry G's method to the T and went in for the hair follicle test today. I will post the result when it comes...
  12. GetThisOrDie

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    damn i hope everything goes well

  13. arfnot

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    Whereas you are correct, I would be more than happy to hear they would be using my DNA to test for drug use from now on.

    Drugs aren't stored in your DNA.
  14. GetThisOrDie

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    Any news yet of the results?? Wishing the best for you man.
  15. crunde85

    crunde85 Registered

    Good news!

    I got a call today from my employer and they said "Everything is all good." I start work on Monday morning.

    The money I spent on this hair treatment paid off. Thanks everyone for your help. I'm so happy! :thumbsup:
  16. Angel68008

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    Question I half to do a hair test next week or two I haven't smoked since easter I'm a bigger girl with long hair I've all ready done a vinnigar soak and 2 bleaching and redyeing and will be dyeing my hair agin this week also I had just bleached and dyed my hair just before I quit smoking what are my chances of passing please help me as I have alot ridding on passing this test :oops:

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