Help! I think I killed my plants with dishsoap!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Alleydog, Aug 28, 2008.

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    First of all I am from Texas so we have tons of weed out here pretty cheap - so I have kept a selection of my favorite seeds over the years and I am now trying to grow them (it is a collection of mexican swag). I Right now I have six plants under a 48" shop light that has a light out put of 2200 per bulb (2 bulbs) that simaulates natural, full-spectrum light. They are planted in three gallon containers in a mixture of Miracle gro soil and perlite (80%/20%) - When the plants were babies they got that fly bug that eats the roots of the plant - so I used some dishsoap combined with water and sprayed it all over the plants. It seemed to get rid of the bugs. Well this time, the plants are now 6 weeks old and those damn bugs came back - so I put some ajax dishsoap in a bottle and have been spraying the plants. The plants are now dying from the bottom of the plant up! I think that I used way too much soap. It actually foamed on the leaves then I sprayed it. The bottom of the plants are burned and yellow and the leaves above that are droopy - IT IS NOT NUTRIENT BURN! I don't have a digital camera to take a picture --- but if I poisoned my plants is there anything that I can do to save them? i.e., replant them? I am afraid to add more water and try to rinse the soap out because of the catastropic effect it has already had! Also, should I grow my plants under an HPS system (I am buying one this week) during the vegetative stage or just the flowering stage?
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    Damn, thats a hell of a bio download for a first post..
    Id start over. For pest, use a sticky fly strip or double sided tape.. stick a few pieces on the Pot(container not the plant) and they will come..

    Also try not to use to many peoples McGyver fixes.. Search the sight for pest control.. Gardeners have been fighting pests for 5000 years or so, and dish soap i am sure is not the first thing they try..
    Trying to stay cheap on everything can cost you more then you think..

    good luck my friend

    do a search for Neem oil, and you'll find some good info.
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    3 gallon size pots ARE WAYYYY to big for something 6 weeks old.. your only asking for a problem..
    Transporting them is a breeze.. dont get all worked up and scare yourself.
    squeeze gently all the way around, stem between index and middle finger, flip and place in hole..
    its a common mistake to go to large.. the roots need to get a little cramped. Holds the root ball together..
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    I am going to take the plants out of the three gallon pots (which I read to use on this website) and put them in what a one gallon pot? I have some little guys on my bottom rack that are planted in cut off 2 liter diet coke bottles. The bottoms are wavy so drainage is good but now I am wonderinif I have just screwed all this up. I
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    its fugus gnats you are getting. probably caused by not allowing the top layer of soil dry out after each watering.

    as for your other questions i would want a pic before i said anything...
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    lol your funny..

    Dont use the 2 liter bottles, as clear plastic will cause fungus to grow from the inside out..
    Run to a Home of pot aka Home De pot or Menards etc and buy some plastic pots. Dont trash them and you can keep them around for a long time. they are $1.50- 2.20 each.

    best thing tostart with is the 1cup party cups, you can tip them over as you see fit and check the root growth, then move to 1qt-2qt size(standard tomato size when purchased at a store.. then go to a 1-3 gallon size..
    heres a few pics of my only baby.. I went el cheapo on my grow.. really cheap. but spent a little when i needed to..

    -To be honest with you the group shot, I put those in to big of a home myself.. should of went one size smaller, I was lucky and didnt have a problem

    second pic, some pot size..

    third pic, got to big for her shoes, same size pot in pic....went to 3 gallon the next day.. she took OFF from there

    4 and 5th pics are a few days ago..


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    id be a little this quick to have to say start over if it was a quality genetics..

    but a pic will give the board the best idea..
    no worries about bagseed.. mine is..
    the dirty little swaggy girl..
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    I hope you mean AJAX the dishsoap and not the bleach:wtf: I'm sorry for your lost RIP plants
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    Remember not to use too large a pot- a small plant in a 3 gallon pot will be difficult to water correctly, and not use light efficiently either. Without pics, it's hard to say- but you may have overwatered into a root rot condition.

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