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Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by medartb, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I'm new at this, but need to know if there is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in The Klamath Falls area? I will eventually want to grow my own, but until they are grown enough to use, I will need to supplement with purchased product. Any help will be appreciated
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    dispensarys are still illegal in oregon

    check out the patient resource center on main st downtown kf if you need help.i've been told they are very friendly.
    good luck
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    I'm very discreet. With that in mind, will anyone help me. I'm new to the area and have no connections. I'm just looking for a connection; I'll go through a third party; I'll pay a little extra; and keep it anonymous if need be. Even if it's a one time deal, I just need it until my application is approved.
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    Yes there are two medical Dipenseries in the city of Klamath Falls.
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    I might can help you out.
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    We have two medical dispensaries both in the city here.

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