Help me. Am I ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by pancake70, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. pancake70

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    I'm completely new at growing my own. I'm so confused on the best time to harvest. These buds aren't very big - but I'm used to getting my stuff at the dispensaries where they are growing under lights. Can anyone tell by these photos if it's time to harvest? Thanks for any suggestions or info.

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  2. sunbiz1

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  3. char1111

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    to me it looks like there not ready yet i say wait a week then chop
  4. canniwhatsis

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    Judging by those pics I have to say you have a "hash" strain growing.:stoned::cool::pimp:

    NO your not ready to harvest, in spite of the amazing amount of resin your girl is producing, you want to let her mature,.... Outdoors depending on latitude your looking at a late october, mid november harvest.

    Patience is needed to grow good meds,... so settle in and watch the magic happen. :hippy:
  5. airdawg13

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  6. drudown11

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    true that

    if you cut them too early you screw yourself on taste, aroma, potency, and yield if you dont let them mature and fill out. The last 2 weeks is when they really plump up and grow trichomes so just wait it out.
  7. budlover13

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    Am I correct that people who prefer Indicas generally want to wait until 50% or more of your waterleaves have yellowed?
  8. bobjob4u

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    The duchebag down the road will tell you to let it go till november. Then when it is real sappy then cut it. Those where his exact words. I just kept my mouth shut and thought to myself trichromes my friend.It is better to leave it longer, but he waits till it is all but dead and has been threw a hand full of frosts.
  9. oldhaole

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    A Basic Rule....

    Goes something like this. "if you have to ask us, if the buds are ready, they aren't.

    You are new to this. Congrats, for first time you did well. This is what I would do. Get the magnification loop. Pick a small bud. Examine it and keep notes on what you see. Put it on top of the tv or computer. In three days it will ready to try. Smoke it as the first herb of the day. Put your impressions down in your notes.

    Do this every three days. Keep good notes. The smoke will mature, and you now have a diary on the plant. Next time you will have a much better idea and know a lot more about what you want, and when it happens, and what to look for.

    Sure, the quick dry will not give you the true taste. But it will keep you away from the plant until it is ready.

    Best way to shoot yourself in the foot is to harvest early. Better to harvest late.
  10. budlover13

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    I like it! A diary of potency and flavor. MMMMmmmmmm!:stoned:
  11. pancake70

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    Thanks for all the info

    While I like the look (and smell... mmmmmmm) of the buds, they are small, so I do think they need some more time. Off to get a magnification loop and start keeping some records. Wish I knew which plants were which, but we've had to move them around once or twice since planting and just got them all mixed up.
  12. MDFinest

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    its all about the trichomes buddy
  13. happymedicine

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    I am in the same boat as you. My plants look delicious, and I want to harvest them now. BUt I ise a handheld 60x-100x microscope to look at the trichomes. Mine are still mostly translucent/milky(60%-80%), with some still remaining clear(8%-15%). There are a couple ambers scattered throughout, but I would only say about (3%-7%).

    The plants look very resinous, and I have heard accounts of people wanting to harvest in the exact trichome arrangement I am seeing, but more people have stated that I should wait until about 50% of trichomes are amber. So, basically, asking people is not always the best help (when their are widely varying opinions).

    Personally, I am basing when I harvest on the time of year (sometime in early to mid october for my more indica dominant plants, and late october to early November for my Sativa dominant plant). I wam looking for my indica plants to have about 50%amber trichomes (as they are supposed to affect the body more, which is what amber triches do) and my sativa dominant plant to ave about 10%-20% amber trichomes (more "heady"). However, amber trichomes are a sign of thc degradation, so you can make even a more Indica dominant plant have a more cereberal high if you cut it with less amber. However, you will not have maximized the the effect that the plant is genetically designed to produce.

    If you want to know whether a plant is more indica or sativa dominant, after having mixed them up or not known names in the first place, you can look at leaf structure. Plants with more broad leaves and wide "fingers" tend to be more Indica dominant. When the plants have thinner "fingers" they tend to be more sativa dominant. It is not a "sure fire" way to tell, but it can get you in the ballpark). could have an aoutoflower strain and then you have to base it all on trichomes.

    I am a first time grower, but I also have done a TON of research and blogged with people on this forum and another one. So I am essentially relaying the combination of my experience and other's advice. Hope it helps
  14. sunbiz1

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    Last year, I began to harvest around this time and I was too early. Having been the first to respond here, I decided to harvest and try out a few buds this week on a 6 month old in the ground plant. Having read some of the comments in this thread, I figured I was wasting my time again. As I type this, I'm stoned off my ass from this(3 tokes). This is the best herb I have smoked in years, and I'm 44 y/o. So, what can we glean from all this discussion?.

    The best way to find out is by sampling the product. I just harvested the rest. What's nice is the fact I have several other varieties that are late bloomers. Harvesting is dependent upon the strain IMO.
  15. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    Every plant is different and should be harvested at a different time. Even if I have clones that are the same plant, i dont harvest all of them at once. If one isnt ready, it doesnt get the cut.

    The only reason i say to wait is because every newb see's trichomes and red hairs and theyre mouth starts watering. Do you every hear anybody on this site complain about" ohhh man i harvest way to late and it turned out like shit" Hell no. Its better to pick to late than to early IMHO. Early buds are still potent dont get me wrong, but the stone isnt as heavy and it doesnt last nearly as long. When outdoors, I tend not to check the trich's as much. If I went by trichome color my buds would be a moldy mess by the time they were satisfactory to some indoor growers.
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  16. sunbiz1

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