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  1. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    Next weekend got a birthday party commin up its a theme party and the theme is WEED. We already have some great ideas like buds in icecubes for the punch, gravity bongs,dreadlock wigs and rasta colours.What else can we do to make this the best weed party eva any ideas?
  2. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    Make a huge cake with some potent ass canna butter...that should get the party started.
  3. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    Definitely have some edibles, the cake is a great idea.

    Why would you waste a bud by putting it in an ice cube?

    Umm, instead of a punch bowl, put out a bowl of weed 'n have a ton of one-hitters so people can just walk up 'n grab a hit.
  4. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    I think he means those pot-shaped ice cubes.

    Have everyone wear the color green and bring their own piece to share. Have green color everything like streamers and plate. Movies, good stoner movies too.
  5. BoilerUp

    BoilerUp Registered+

    Dilute the weed into the water, then throw it in a hot chocolate or tea ;-P

    Never tried it but it seems like it should work if the hot chocolate or tea is the right temperature.
  6. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    man its harvest time in Australia and everyone has lotsa weed so a few buds in ice cubes isnt a waste,it really does look good in a punch and it gets eaten anyway.:D
  7. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

  8. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    well... for me eating raw bud is a waste... but if you live in a wonderful land where there is plenty of it, enjoy...

    If the theme of the party is weed, you would make plenty of food with weed (cakes, brownies, firecrackers), drinks with weed (green dragon + some "drinkable" thing, like fuzzy drinks, fruit juices), and lots of ways for smoke (bongs, streamrollers, joints, gravity bongs, pipes, etc).
    Lots of stoner music, like pink floyd, bob marley, etc...
    Remember you will need a lot of food for the munchies (and they shall not be made with weed, or it will became a snowball... eat->become more stoned->eat more->become more stoned...)... some cushions, as with so much weed people will need it... well... i dont remember anything else...
    Anyway, good luck, and afterwards let us know how it was! :thumbsup::Rasta:
  9. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    thanks for those great ideas Coelho Ill let u know how it all went ,cant wait for the fun to begin :thumbsup:
  10. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    lots and lots of food.
    and music and trippy lava lamps, strobe lights..
  11. TheFatKid

    TheFatKid Registered+

    Have it outside.
  12. BlazinTreesX3

    BlazinTreesX3 Registered+

    Outside sounds great but inside maybe safer.

    im so high i really cant think of anything ive been sitting here trhinkin for like 5 mins so this party sounds great ive said it once ill say it again sometimes i wish i was australian. If you take pics then take out the faces and post em here id love to see..

    maybe some entertainment maybe ping pong or somethin else thats incredibly fun while your high. and i dont know how it is in Australia but lemme tell you that you should have at least one blunt. Great for weed parties too.
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  13. the j0ker

    the j0ker Registered+

    if you guys have so much weed you can put buds in icecubes then you should get a lot of superblunt wraps
  14. jawndoe

    jawndoe Registered+

    4 person hooka, a 4 foot bong, black lights, good music, lots of munchies, even more munchies, pizza, cheetos, goodweed, fuck it great weed. Lots of hot naked sexness. A DJ maybe? A foot long joint. Make some god father buy hollowing out a few good cigars (like Bahia's)...
  15. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    Lava Lamps and strobe lights are a must...

    Make sure to have incense burning at all times
  16. jawndoe

    jawndoe Registered+

    retro video games on big screen tv's

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