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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by beyondglory, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. beyondglory

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    I'm having a pretty weird problem lately. This has developed in the past couple months, and has no doubt gotten worse. My hands are shaking constantly (not while I am high.. I am aware that sometimes your hands can tremble while high). By constantly, I mean all day long.. and its really fucking annoying and strait up worries me. An example is its hard for me to hold a piece of paper still unless I’m leaning on something. It's not noticeable to anyone unless I actually have them look at my hands (they dont shake very hard, but they do shake constantly), but I can feel them shake when I am not resting them on anything, and i can tell if i look at them. Today it went as far as to mess up my bench press (my arms felt very shaky). I am a fairly heavy marijuana user, i smoke on average a gram or more a day by myself. I don't really know if this is caused by pot but to me it seems like really the only logical reason. My left hand also shakes more than the right. I have no idea if it’s a psychological effect or physically induced by the weed. ANY HELP IS VERY APPRECIATED
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    whoa im exactly the same as you amigo. Weaker left hand trembles more and everything too. I wouldnt panic too much, I dont think its an early sign of neurological issues down the road or anything, some people just straight up have twitchy fingers, same as how a few unique surgeons and gun slingers have hands as steady as rocks.

    With the benching thing, youre just lifting slightly more than you can handle, If you got good grip strength it shouldn't be a problem
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    Hon, I'd see a doctor, now!

    Now there is a thing called "essential tremor"- your hand shakes when holding a cup or something. That is something a lot of folks get as they age. It's usually not a big deal.

    But I'm guessing you're in your 20s or 30s? Essential tremor usually starts in your 30s or later, if I remember right. But a constant tremor like you are describing, popping up in a relatively short time, can be a forerunner of something really serious.

    And it would be very embarrassing to have your arms give out on you in the middle of a press! So get your fanny to a doctor and find out what is really going on! If is "nothing", your mind is eased. If it's serious- the sooner it's caught, the better.

    As for cannabis causing the tremor, it seems to have the opposite effect, in Parkinson's, at least. One of the first "medical" users I met had Parkinson's. She was in her 70s and smoked from a pretty little oriental pipe. She said she could cut her (expensive) meds in half when she smoked. Her nephew, a college kid, kept her supplied.

    (There are also studies on Parkinson's and cannabis in the link in my sig.)

    Another possible is moldy weed. It can cause all kinds of troubles medically- so don't buy it! Not ever! OK? Trust your nose, before your eyes! :thumbsup:

    But no matter what, get to a doc ASAP!

    Granny :hippy:
  4. NextLineIsMine

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    Hey granny, I thought twitchy fingers were as common as attached earlobes. Im only twenty and I have spastic hands, its subtle though, nothing like watching my actual grandma have a cup of tea, there is also a long history of M.S. in the men on my mom's side.

    Its not exactly like a doctor can scan the health of your neurons or anything can they? Ideas would be appreciated big lady
  5. beyondglory

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    yea, i might just have to bring myself into the doctor.. better safe than sorry!

    NextLine.. i don't think it's anything normal with me. I asked my friend to hold my hand today, and she said it felt really weird, like it was kind of vibrating in her hand. And it's like that all day long.. its pretty embarrasing :/
  6. trinitybound

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    I've had a similar problem for as long as I can remember but never thought much about it. I went to a doctor for my back and he noticed the tremors, he called it hereditary tremors and told me to drink a small glass of beer or wine ever morning. I don't drink but I've found that herb works well to steady the nerves.
    I'm no doctor so a professional opinion is what I'd suggest.
  7. affasd

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    Yea I have shaky hands to, ive had it always even before i started smoking weed. If anything its maybe gotten better since then. i was gonna say maybe you just didnt notice it before but it sounds like probly not.
  8. weedmaster

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    could be embarising when visiting the restroom lol:jointsmile: had to laugh at what Granny said "get your fanny to a doctor" a fanny in the u.k is slang for a womens vagina, i know it means arse to you guys.sorry for going slighty off topic i'm very stoned and couldn't resist a little punt.;)
    hope it's not to much to worry about and you get it sorted soon:thumbsup:
  9. Gatekeeper777

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    ROFLMMFAO! :D:thumbsup::jointsmile:

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