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    I have a plant that is about 5 months old, it's been flowering for the past 2 months and it got a lot of white hairs all over but in some branches it got seeds already done. WTF! Somebody explain me what kind of plant i got, Hermie? Retarded? Female? One of the seeds fell from the plant today, i found it on the dirt and is like the seeds you get when you get regular weed. Please i need some advice about it and some help from u guys. I will post pictures soon since the beginning to now. I had cut some fan leaves before and i cut the top too and is fine. Some leafs near the hairs got crystals all over too but is taking toooo looooong to bud right. I'm broke now and i don't have a job and I have been using 2 aquarium fluorescent and a lamp with a regular 100w light bulb for the whole process Veg/Flowering.
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    Skinny Stem

    Sorry, i forgot to write that the stem is really skinny too but is straight and strong, any ideas...
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    And another thing, the plant is about 32 inches tall. Thanks.
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    Are you serious?

    Growing good ganj requires the grower to put at least some money into the operation. I hope you weren't planning on being able to make a paycheck off that one sickly plant... especially without having put anything into it.

    It takes a lot of effort to produce high quality buds and honestly, it doesn't sound like you're willing to do the necessary work.
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    hermi my friend start over and clean your growing spot with bleach
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    Out of pure curiousity, do you have any pics?
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    My Baby From The Beginning

    This is my baby from the beginning, it was born on August 20 2008, the first picture is from September 01 2008. The last pictures was taken on October 10. The plant still alive, very healthy. I will post more pictures after October 10.

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    More Of My Baby

    The first 3 pictures are from October 12 and the last 2 are from October 28. There you can see that in the first 3 pictures the plant doesn't have any branches and after i cut a lot of leaves a didn't like the girl started to grow branches everywhere like crazy on Veg Stage. Check out my SUPER GHETTO SETUP in where it's been growing nice and healthy. 5 ounces of water every day. No nutrients, no miracle grow, 3 dollars soil from the Dollar Store.

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    Flowering Stage

    On October 28 2008 i started the flowering process, the first picture was taken on October 31 2008, only 3 days and look at all those hairs growing. The last 2 pictures are from November 20 2008. In about 1 month and 3 days it got like that. I will post today's pictures.

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    That's one plant that wants to live. I can't believe you got it so big on so little light. Buy her a 400 w MH and see what she does for you. Maybe she thinks she's living in alaska or somewhere light levels low and is hermied from lack o lite. dunno, just a thought. Maybe she is trying to reproduce before she dies. If you give her lotta lite she will love it.
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    Today's Photo Shoot

    In the first 2 pictures taken on November 21 2008 you can see the hairs and the "bud developing". The rest was 5 minutes ago. There you can see the seed i got from one of the branches, you can see the branch carrying some seeds in a little sack and a leaf from the top with crystals on it.

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    My Baby Today

    I hope you guys can give me some advice and enjoy the pictures.

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    If you don't get more light all you will have is 1 doobie at harvest. She looks hermie to me. Either grow her out, cut her back and re veg or chop off her head and start over. I vote for more light because that gal has really been trying to live.
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    to grow good smoke.....first you need a good strain...then you need good dirt( i use sunshine professional mix) and you need the right amount of lumens per sq ft (light) 2500-3500 per sq ft produce great gardens

    6ft x 6ft area 1000 watts
    3ft x 3ft area 400 watts
    2ft x 2ft area 250 watts

    in a normal closet 3ft by 6ft 2- 400 watts will work great

    look at my plant...its only 7 weeks old and 20 inches tall

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    It may feel like forever, but your plant hasn't been in flower for 2 months.

    By my calendar today's the 25th of November, October 28th was exactly 4 weeks ago.

    Apart from that (at a glance) you have a plant that looks like what you can expect from the growing conditions (very poor light, small pot, no fertiliser).

    If you keep going with her, I hope you will update in the coming weeks. I'm interested to see how she finishes.

    sara lou :hippy:
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    Well, it's been a month, i was exaggerating when i open the thread. I was very lost cause i didn't have my Digital Camera and i forgot the days i took the pics. Now that i have my DC back i can look in the image properties the day that was taken. Thanks everybody for all your help. Appreciate it. Feel free to let me know what you think.
  17. VapedG13

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    Not trying to put your grow down bro

    but look what 4-5 weeks of flowering looks like under decent lights, in decent dirt, with a decent strain...Clone

    Slap up a couple more lights alteast:thumbsup:

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  18. BigGreen21

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    I don't think this harvest is gonna be good for you brother. I know it sucks you put all that time in. Looks like it hermied, boy and girl, so your seeing girl flower, white hairs, and seeds/sacks, male flower. Looks like she pollenated herself and made the seeds.

    I would scrap this, go buy some CFL's they are super cheap, get em at wally world. Try again, I wouldn't go buy some good seeds for big $$ til you can get a decent harvest from your bagseed. That would probably be a waste for you. Were you using that lamp for light? If so something you could easily do to start would be grab a light socket splitter (like .98) two CFL's (maybe $6), you would get alot more light.

    If you got some extra dough though I would invest it into your growing. Light, grow room, nutes, ect.

    If you grew that off of your light there in the pic then you should rock with some CFL's.
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    I will try man, I'm gonna get some cash soon and upgrade. Will post pictures when is ready. I'm keeping it to see what i can get and if i can smoke something and get a lil' buzz. But the lights are coming for sure and i will try to get some good seeds. That plant grew from a seedy regular dime bag of weed from one of my dealers. If i can harvest at least regular grass and smoke it myself i will, hehe, i got to get something back, don't i? Well, see ya' guys later.

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