HELp!! my plant leaves are dying!!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jakob323, Apr 22, 2009.

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    This first happened 3 dys ago it was probably 100 degrees outside and i took my plant out and a hour later i noticed the leaves were curled upward and kind of i took it inside watered it...then it just got worse and worse what do i do?? is it dying?? seems to be spreading by the day and now it yellow...

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  2. perpetr8r

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    I am by no means an expert but having 4 decades experience in life.. they look like they were in an oven. Keep them inside and out of 100 degree temps. Wish i could tell you what to do next but I've no idea, luckily there are many knowledgeable people here that can do that. Good luck.
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    What have you fed them? Do you know your ph level?

    In my experience underwatering or heat would not turn the leaves yellow/brown like that, my guess would be over fertilized or nutrient lock out caused by ph being off.

    The heat probably accelerated your problems though.
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  4. Rusty Trichome

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    It doesn't look lke sunburn. Were it sunburn, the color would fade from colored to neckrotic in a fade...not half the leaf green, and the other half brown.

    Leads me to believe there is a root problem. New growth up top looks ok. Is it ok...? Perhaps the roots got steamed or toasted. Was it sitting on a hot sidewalk or patio?

    What are you using for potting soil, and where is the perlite to make the mix 'lighter'? Heavy soils compact around the roots, suffocating the plant, and can easily burn roots, especially if ph is off.
    Without perlite, composts can and will get 'muddy', and tends to retain water too much or conversely, can 'cake-up' and not absorb water at all.

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