HELP!!! My Seedlings keep dying

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by gweir16, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. gweir16

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    Hi Can anyone help me? I am a first time grower. I germinated my seeds and [planted them in a reccommended soil. I am grwing in a wardrobe using a mh400wt light then to switch to hps for flowering. Though I cant get any furthert than germinating potting under light for 18/6, the light is positioned so that its comfortable to leave my hand under. However after about 7 days my plants all died. I was watering maybe every 2/3 days when the soil had crusted slightly as reccomended. Am getting so frustrated what can I be doing wrong???????? HELP PLEASE
  2. Weezard

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    I'll take a flyin' whack at it.

    Howzit gweir?
    I'll hazard a guess.:)

    There is such a thing as too much light for tender seedling and new cuttings.

    New 'lings are just beginning to make new roots.

    Too much light drives too much transpiration for their undeveloped root system.
    They try, and they die.
    They work themselves to death trying to move more water than they are physically able to.

    Your hand tells you only that it's not too hot.

    It may still be too bright if it's closer than say, 3 feet.
    Try starting them under a couple CFLs if you lack headroom for the MH.
    Once they fill the pot with roots, they will be able to meet the demands that strong light makes on them.
    Even then, it's best to "harden them off" gradually.


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  3. gweir16

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    Thanks for that I was thinking of using a propagator and using a desk amp for the first 3 weeks like u said it may be too much light do you think that would be effective untill they are establshed and more viable in the mh? Am so confused I want these to work so bad, been reading up on it for ages. Could you help me with air flow. I have a Carbon filter and fan in my wardrobe. The temp was at 109 last night how could I get air flow into the wardrobe or would opening the doors work? Obviously whilst the lights on? Thanks

    RAINHAZE Banned

    109 is deffinetly too hot. I dont let my seedlings get over 85 degrees fahrenhieght. I use a cabinet and I regulate the heat by opening the door and I use 2 fans, one to blow lightly on the plants, and one to exhaust the heat out of the cabinet.
    Like Weezard said, go easy on the lights at first.
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  5. gweir16

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    I have one fan thats connected to my carbon filter which is not on yet as obviously no smell untill flowering! So I should get another fan? to blow fresh air in? Should i directs the blowing air to the light. Thanks so much for your helpp guys
  6. Dutch Pimp

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    what size pots are you starting your seeds in?...small plastic 16oz cups work great. add 20% perlite to the soil (mix well) and make sure there are drainage holes...:thumbsup:

    EDIT:...ok...where did the 'manage attachments' link go?...:wtf:
  7. Weezard

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    109F! That will not do.

    Hmmm, not sure what you mean by desk amp.;)
    Could you clarify?

    Any temp above ~90F. will stress your plants.

    Carbon filter and fan? :cool:.:D

    Mount the fan's intake at the highest point in the wardrobe and exhaust the hot air to outside the cabinet.
    If you can cut a hole in the top and drill some holes in the bottom you can leave the door closed.
    Sucking the hot air out creates a negative pressure that draws cooler air in.
    If you can mount the ballast outside the cabinet, that will help a lot. They run quite hot.
    Looks like you have attracted a couple of experienced growers here, so I'll jus' lurk and learn.

    Best of luck brah.
    Or, mo' betta, read 'til they bleed.
    (Luck is fickle, yah?)

  8. MadSativa

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    oo yeah 109 is cooking your little roots, also I agree with the light usually for seedlings a 5 dollar propagation tray works well with a Small dome and the light is keep ed about 6 inches away from the dome, if a large dome is used put the light a little close, and regular cfls from wall mart will do well here no heat cheep and the little guys cuttings or seedlings love them.

    I once used a takeout plater from apple bees as a propagation tray for a girl friends grow. we laughed for so long cause we asked for a tray for like 2 frys and some lettuce and condiments in the little cups they give you. they were like damn they like their Fry's and cranberry stuffs lol.
  9. gweir16

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    Thanks for ur replies guys! An apple tray lol! I got mine from B&Q. I hate going into big shops and asking for things then they ask. What are you using them for. I actually said Cactus tonight and the wonam looked at me as if I had 2 heads or something. Then I asked for wick and she was like whats that for? I said cactus. Anyway thanks. Am sure al be on soon confused as ever lol:Rasta:
  10. gweir16

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    I have a fan connected to the Carbon Filter with ducting then more ducting from the other side to push the hot air out. I have no fresh circulation apart from when i open the doors. I think I will drill some holes like you suggested. Or should I fit another fan to blow cool air in. I have a small desk fan just to motion the plants. But as I said earler its COOKING aargh. The last lot died. Any suggestions welcome al try put a pic of my set up so you can look and see what you think. :Rasta:then bed! Night. Thanks. TOKE ON!
  11. TANKJR

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    An intake fan will help along with the exhaust fan....109 is waaaaay too hot bro! If it's that hot you should plant a cactus in there! LOL Get the temps down to under 80, good airflow, gentle light, flouros or cfls, straight up water (no nutes!)and give them babies a couple weeks to get a good root system going and you will be much more successful! Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

    And as the great and powerful Weezard said....Read until they bleed! Everything you need to know is here somewhere. Start with the stickys.
  12. MadSativa

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    lol cactus, just tell them your growing tomato's in a green house or something, tomatoes are very similar to cannabis, they need all the same things but don't call a tomato a bud just say a fruit or a tomato. lol I used to work at my local hydro store, I had people come in like that all the time, and when I saw them thinking I would just blurt out "tomatoes!", "oh i love tomatoes, I get tomatoes from all over the place because so many people have great tomatoes".
  13. LetsSeeYa

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    LOL, Thats some funny shit and i feel the same way, but i say, i grow medical Cannabis to help my pain. But most people dont tool in sitting in a wheelchair. So they just say ''oh'', well this should work, not trying to look at my chair. I guess ya gotta be their kinda thing, but people get so uncomfortable when they are put into a situation when i bring up the chair. But if i say nothing about it, they can get past it, like they never noticed, lol. Almost like they get pissed i brought it up, lol. Like they were thinking ''ok just look em in the eyes'' and then i mess up their consitration.

    Sorry a bit off topic, but funny:Rasta:
  14. GaGrown

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    Now I know why I was taken by ya! LOL!!! That is some funny shit!:thumbsup:
  15. weedman420swed

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    I'm a first time grower and my plant just started sprouting it started out with a whit stem and strong to a a little weaker light brown stem but it s have a green leaf trying to pop out of the seed casing but hasn't yet and I just don't know how to fix it right now till I get paid I'm use a temporary 60watt light and I wanna save it quickly I don't want to loose it what should I do?
  16. Weezard

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    With an eye dropper.

    Put a bead of water on the seed casing.
    That will soften it.
    Be patient, it could take hours.

    "Gee Mr Science guy, is that what you do?"

    Oh heck no!
    I usually squeeze it with forceps right at the hinge.
    Pops 'em right off with out damaging the sprout.

    It's a skill, and takes time and error to do it right
    If you only have a few seedlings, I'd go with water and patience.

    You can avoid the issue in the future by planting at the proper depth, and pointy end up.


  17. raymont

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    Sometimes I believe we overdo things. Get a cup put soil in it, drop in the seed an inch deep add a little water and wait 3 days it will be praising the son. No extra help needed.
  18. Over the hill

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    Light should be 18" away as long as your rooms stay 78 degrees with a fan blowing on the mj. 109 degrees is way to hot your cooking them.

    What soil are you using? What's the ph of the soil?

    When you water do you check the ph? If your using well water it's usually around 7.8-8.2. That's without adding nutiants. Without adding nutiants you need to bring the well water ph down to 6.6-6.8

    Let me know and we'll go from there
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