Help! Nauseous with RSO

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Cynderella, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Hi. I'm very new to this. I'm in California and bought RSO at a dispensary. I have a chronic illness and am taking it primarily for insomnia although I have lots of pain and other problems. I've been taking it for 2 weeks an hour before bedtime. I started out with less than a grain of rice size. I sleep but I wake up with horrible nausea that lasts most of the day. I reduced the dose and am only taking a pin head size now. What's happening and how can I fix it? I've tried all prescription and OTC meds for sleep and none of them work. I don't want to give up on this! Help!
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    First, I'd change dispensaries.
    Nausea is very uncommon at that dosage.
    So, I suspect un-purged solvents.

    Ideally, make your own RSO, purge it carefully and see if it causes you any distress.
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    I signed up after reading your post because I've stumbled across a new application method for RSO or CCO concentrated cannabis oil and it's being called tacking like a thumb tack. You basically apply it to your lower gums right under your teeth and the medicine is absorbed they your cb1 receptors instead of your cb2 (gut) receptors and you bypass the euphoria or high and the strength of the oil is out to better use

    No matter how you use the meds you absolutely must hydrate a lot and eat

    Lots of small snack (heathy is better) and drinks of water or electrolytes will keep the nausea away

    Your body will heal and fix if you treat it with what it needs
    Sleep when your tired and eat and hydrate often

    I agree with the previous post about changing the dispensary or at least try a different vendor

    There is good info out there on "tacking"
    Search for how to dose properly with CCO

    Sure hope this helps you feel better and recover form your illness/disease

    By the way if you can get ahold of a few pieces of equipment (few hundred bucks) and quality flowers it's not that hard to make your own

    This way you know it's done right!
    My second batch was tested at a lab and came back clean and 78% thc

    Thc kills the cancer cells
    Cbd reduces inflammation and reduces pain
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    thanks so much for taking the time to post this. Much appreciated.
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    You are very welcome, to me helping others is what it's all about
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    How is is going for you Cynderella? Any changes? Sure hope you are finding the relief you need.
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