Help Needed! What strain for chronic nerve pain???

Discussion in 'Indica' started by powderhound542, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. powderhound542

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    hey everyone, I've been suffering from chronic nerve pain for quite a while now, I'e found that weed is the only thing that can completely rid me of pain, yet some types I have smoked seem to work better than others. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to what strains/types of weed are known to help nerve pain. Many thanks!
  2. MdmPele

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    OSBB (Orange Skunk x Big Bud) if you can find it (floating around Oregon)

    SnowBud aka Akorn

    Both of these are excellent go-to for pain. A friend has phantom limb pain from a severed arm -- both of these are in her garden.

    The Purples work well, too, especially for spasms. I love Purple Urkle. Oddball that she is.
  3. powderhound542

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    thank you

    thanks man, ill look into that. not to be to picky or anything, but does anyone know of good medical strains (those mentioned above or different ones) available in Washington state?
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    snowbud aka akorn is available to order seeds online, i cant post a link up as it appears to be restricted but google dr OHMAN chronic minus the ohman part $58 + shippin which is like 5 bucks, :thumbsup:
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