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HELP observed pre-employment test- already got it rescheduled once HELP

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by momo1313, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    I need help and I need it quik, I have a test on Monday and it is Thursday I am a chronic smoker and am taking the three days off prior to my test and plan on diluting with n2's formula with the option to sub if everything pans out. I took a test last tuesday and had a sub, however it was observed. WHAT A SHOCK, a pre-employment test that actually does Direct Observance or at least came off as such. I had a man in the room with mirrors in all corners by the toilet. What can I do in this Situation? I played it like I had stage fright and am being re-scheduled, will I be watched closer now, I'm paranoid and need some better direction, I know you'll say you shouldn't have smoked, I know I know, I'm selfish. Well what am I left with now, I really want this job. Is there any way I can not be supervised in this case, is stage fright a legitamate out of being observed for a drug screen for pre-employement. Worst case scenario I just go diluted. HELP PLS:thumbsup:
  2. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    By the way...

    I was wondering if there is a time period when the dilution process would be reset and you would register as positive. Or is it possible to be diluted for days on end? as long as you took necessary vitamins,etc... prior to test on the day of if you would then have enough gravity, creatinine, or ph in your urine? Please get back to me I'm gonna smoke my last bowl now got three+ days to clean and prepare. I will try to test myself a day or two prior with n2's method, I'm wondering if it would be better for me to just drink fluids hardcore up until the test and make sure to eat vitamins,etc... on the way, or if I should just stick to a specific diet and dillute on the day of? Please give me some educated feedback for what u think will work best. Thanks Alot:thumbsup:
  3. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    If you're going to smoke now then just give up on the job.
    They can not observe you unless they have reasonable cause to think you're cheating.
  4. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    Hey Killerweed, there is still a guy in the room with me, does this mean that he is not observing he is just present, so would this be a place where a whizzinator may help or what. I noticed your in washington too. So if I have stage fright and couldn't perform for my next test on monday, i could possibly test some where else. Also the company is in Pierce County and I'm in central washington, so I have to travel a great deal just to drive over and take this test. I have my current job through mid-november and am wanted to start the 25th of november. Should I try to postpone it until later than I've already pushed it or will that come off looking like I'm trying to hide something. Whats my best option for this test, I really want to get this job and don't want to seem like the shady guy who doesn't want to drug test. Thanks for the help. FBR you out there, give me some input on my situation if you could spare some time. THANKS AGAIN I've found alot of useful information on this site.:stoned:
  5. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    KW is right, employment-related tests are not observed unless youve been suspected of tampering or if the test is a followup/return to duty.

    If a direct observation collection is conducted, the observer (who must be the same gender as the donor) is to be inside the bathroom stall with the donor and directly watch the flow of urine exit the donors body and into the sample cup. Under DHHS regulations, the use of mirrors and cameras are not permitted. There has to be a live observer inside the stall with the donor.

    If the person is just standing outside the stall, then this is known as a monitored collection. Monitored collections can only be used in multi-stall bathroom situations where water sources cannot be easily secured. The duty of the monitor is to prevent others from entering the restroom during collection, and to deter the donor from using unsecured water sources to tamper with the urine sample. The monitor cannot be inside the stall with the donor.
  6. Hemp's Friend

    Hemp's Friend Registered

    I've heard that even DOT random tests are not observed. But a pre-employment drug test? You have to tell us what kind of job this is, unless you are just busting our chops.

    If you are actually serious, then I think your only option is to order a Pissinator IMMEDIATELY and pay whatever it costs to get one day delivery, if that is available. Have you considered the possibility that you just happened to run into some pervert who is pretending he doesn't know the employment screening laws? Really, you need to give us a little more information on this one just to satisfy our curiosity.

    Good Luck!
  7. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Ask them to have the UA done in your area. Its ridiculous to drive that far for a UA. It can be done virtually anywhere. And if that lab where you did the UA is that screwed up I would offer to pay for the test somewhere close to where you live. Then you can sub no problem.
    Also as long as the guy doesn't turn around and watch you its pretty easy to pull a bottle of synthetic urine out of your crotch and dump in the collection cup.
  8. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    Yo Thanks for the replys I am nervous as hell but I think it is fuckin ridiculous to have it observed for preemployement. Its for a golf course that will be holding some major events for the PGA in the next 6 years. I did alittle research and found out the company is Sterling Reference Labaroties in Puyallup but it didn't say anything on their website about observation. It did however have plenty of information on the exact type of test it is. I'm not very educated on the testing realm of everything so if i could get feedback from someone that knows there shit better than me. I thought about trying to delay it until the 15th when my current job is up, and/or get it performed locally also. Let me know what you think. If theres anything else u wanna know ask me. I need the advice. Thanks again, this sites the shit.:jointsmile:
  9. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Being a chronic smoker, subbing is still going to be your best bet. I would pickup some synthetic and start practicing with it.
  10. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    Yo- BT- So I did some research and looked online, found the company that does testing is Sterling Reference labs and I've heard from a friend on DOC that that is where his tests get sent to from his Proby. So, needless to say they are very thorough, it doesn't say anything about being observed and being a pre-employement test you wouldn't think I would already have reasonable cause to be watched. The first time it took place in a normal bathroom and a guy followed me into the bathroom and closed the door, I asked" so are you gonna do this with me?" and he just said yep, so I stayed for the three hours/ three attempts and they couldn't collect a specimen after a played the stage fright option, I've asked to get it delayed until the 15th or have it done locally but I'm worried about other alternatives they may through at me then, give me a heads up, any experience helps. Do you guys think a pissinator would work for an observed test when the tester has already seen my real dick, given it would've been weeks between meetings, lol. Anything helps, can someone look at the sterling site and let me know what you they think about there methods of testing. Thanks alot, Rastafari.
  11. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered


    Alright I got to go in tommorow for my pre-employement test, I will have been clean for 4 days and have been trying to detox my system using multiple methods, When should you stop taking metamucil before the test mine is tomorrow and I've taken a couple in the last 24 hours, should I use right up until the test. Also I heard that aspirin is now out-dated. My test is for a county job and apparently the testing is done by a very reputable company, unfortunately. If the test says 5 drug panel with positives confirmed by GC/MS, if the immunoassay comes up negative will they still send it to GC/MS. In most cases, i know the answer is know due to costs of the procedures. however I can't decipher the testing jargon on their website. I'm wondering if I'm fucked or what, My plan is to dilute b/c I'm at least monitored while specimen is collected. Do They sell Pissinator in any stores or only online? I want this job. PLEASE HELP. Also any extra info on AZO or metamucil would be greatly appreciated. THANKS
  12. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Taking the metamucil won't hurt. I still think your chances are not good. Be sure to follow the dillution sticky the morning of the UA and drink gatorade instead of water.
    If it comes up negative on the immunassay they will not send it on to GC/MS
  13. momo1313

    momo1313 Registered

    Word Man- Thanks for quick response so take the metamucil up until the test, huh. Also I took 2 pills of AZO last night and 2 this morning, this is for cleaning urinary tract infections. I would definately be willing to sub a sample in, however as I said before there was a dude in the room with me the first time I "tried",lol. I'm wondering how to get privacy during the collection process without looking like I have something to hide. Ya know. I've heard you, Burned Toast, and FBR say that pre-employement tests are not observed unless given reasonable cause. This being my first time to this lab and not giving reasonable cause for observation, why then would the guy stay in the room with me. Like I said before the testing is done at Sterling Reference Labs which has four locations on the westside of WA. Please check out their website and see how/why someone would be observed for pre-employement. I know that they are accreditted for Govt. job testing so could it just be their way of doing it. My main issue is Why am I observed and how do I get out of it without looking suspicious. Hopefully you got somethin up your sleeve. Thanks for all you help KW, You live in WA too, whereabouts? do you know anything about SRLabs? :thumbsup:

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