Help please! Seeds won't sprout!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Asauve, Dec 15, 2011.

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    My room is 76 degrees, 32 humidity, planted 12 paradise Pandora, 5 sprouted, I planted them about half inch. They said that was too deep, so I planted 7 more about an eighth inch down, none sprouted. I don't water them, I'm using fox farms soil. They are under a 600 watt light. Used paper towel germ method, all looked great with white tail about quarter inch long..

    What am I doing wrong!?
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    you might be waiting too long to transfer them to the soil? 12-24 hours in the paper towel; then move to soil

    keep temp 80-85 degrees F....soil moist
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    Well at 24 hours, they didn't have a tail at all, I waited 48 hours on both. At 24 they had just opened
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    That's a lot of light for a seedling unless you dim it or raise it up high. A couple of CFLs @ 24/7 would be better. They don't need much light to sprout. Also, the FFOF can be hot for some seedlings. Consider using a proper seedling mix. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you must keep the soil damp for the first few days or the tap root dries and they die. A spray bottle is best for keeping the soil moist. I flush my pots before planting so that all the soil is thoroughly wet when they go in.
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