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  1. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    Ok, so i got a call today for a job interview tomorrow at Lowe's and there's a few things i need answered quickly and accurately.

    First off, What kind of pre-employment drug testing does Lowe's do? I've heard someone mention mouth swabbing, but i can't confirm that.

    Next, when do they usually administer the pre-employment drug test? Right after the interview? Or do they schedule you for the next day?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated! I really need this job guys, it could change my life! Thanks guys!
  2. Mr. TBAGU 420

    Mr. TBAGU 420 Registered+


    Has anyone got a job through lowe's and can help me before tomorrow??
  3. bombdiggity

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    They do saliva tests

  4. LKent2010

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    go to a GNC and buy Total Eclipse juice. Contrary to what you may hear it works. Most people on here are idiots or smoked to damn much. And it DOES NOT Detox you, it only hold in the toxins for a couple hours. Its basically the dillution method but prepackaged. I used it plenty of times, from railroad job to bullshit retail jobs (dnt know why these fools bother testing).

    Some GNC's don't stock them, like the one in my mall, or the riteaid GNC. So go to one in a Plaza thats by itself. Its basically a thick crappy tasting drink. Refrig before you drink, taste better. Then fill it with water and drink that. then the next hour drink another bottle of water. Its usually its most potent after two hours of drinking and should work for 5 hrs.

    If you are over 200lbs its recommended to take two bottes, but that can get pretty damn pricey.

    The people who fail using this method most likely smoked the night before, or just have a very high body fat and didn't take enough. Good Luck (and F^CK THESE WEED TESTS!)
  5. Burnt Toast

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    Since its an overpriced dilution method in a bottle, why waste money and feed the scam artists who peddle this snake oil, when you can utilize the actual Dilution method (link below) and accomplish the same thing for far less money? :rolleyes:
  6. airlift123

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    Swab test

    Ask someone inside working inside that looks cool and ask them when do they do the swabby for you know the time to drink that crap. Good luck
  7. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    Hey everyone thanks for your responses! I'm not sure when i have to do the swabby but i'm refraining from smoking for a few days just to be extra careful! I've never had a saliva test done on me before, but everytime i've had a piss test i've passed it with no problems.

    What's the best shit to use for a saliva swabbing test?
  8. momo1313

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    Mr T. What method have you used for UA's, are you a heavy user? I've got one tomorrow and have been clean for four days, I don't think thats enough b/c I use often and daily. Let me know what you think

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