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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Nzgrower1, Feb 24, 2017.

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    So I had 3 plants outdoors, one died due to being damaged in a storm however before such I was having issues with some mild on the stem about 150mm up from the soil, i removed plant to try and isolate whatever it was, it has been a couple months since and I'm now about 2.5/3.5 weeks into flowering with the other two, suddenly my fan leaves rapidly started turning yellow and dieing, about a week later whole branches started to wilt and eventually die, at this stage I assumed root rot and removed the dead branches to notice inside the plant stem was purple with a slight mildly rotting smell which absolutely stumped my however I continued to treat the soil with a fungicide but it seems that fan leaves continue to die off at quite a rapid rate I don't have long left and messing with quit a large yield I don't want to risk anything before I get some advice
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    sounds like you need to solve this fast. Get your message count up to 5 so you can post a picture of what is going on. Also, cut and paste a troubleshooting form into this thread so that we can get a better idea what we are dealing with here. You can find this form in my signature lines...

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