Help! seeds won't Germinate

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Juggalo smoker, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Juggalo smoker

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    I put two seeds under 1 inch of top soil in a empty clean deans cottage cheese can and kept it reasonably moist but its been 20 hours and I don't see them above the dirt. Is this normal what should I do?
  2. phytokind

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    It'll take a few days to a week before they sprout, and one inch is way too deep, they should be just barely under the surface. Keep them well watered and moist!
  3. Juggalo smoker

    Juggalo smoker Registered+

    Thanks cause I'm one of them paranoid guys with little too do, I dug up a wild plant which of course is Cannabis, and put it in a pot, I was tipped off about it by a very close friend and dug it up just today, I would have let it grow wild but its the winter and the weather we' have been having was beganing too kill it, so I dug it up. But a little problum thats got my paranoid self nervous again is that it is bending to the side, i need advice should I take it out and straiten it or just leagve it alone, Its been grown there for a while, possibly a month, its 1 foot 6 inchs but overall it looks healthy I found it just in time. I'll put a pic up later.
  4. Anathema2121

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    Try germinating them in a paper towel before planting them. Best way is to put the seeds spread out on a paper towel that has been folded in half. Fold it in half again to cover the seeds and put it in a baggie. Add just enough water to completely dampen the paper towel and blow air in the baggie to create a mini greenhouse and seal the bag. Put it somewhere warm like on a windowsill or near the bottom of the fridge. When the roots pop out bury them in holes you make with the first knuckle of your pinky finger only. They should only be about 4 times as deep as the seed is wide.
  5. kully

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    Seeds germinate quicker when there warm,,,Do the paper towl method and then leave them ontop of a modem or something similar tempreature
  6. Juggalo smoker

    Juggalo smoker Registered+

    YAY! Sweet Simplicity. But How will I know when the roots have popped out if its in a baggy hiding in a paper towel?
  7. rybuds

    rybuds Registered

    you can check on them every once in a while. i germinated my seeds in paper towels inside of a tupperware container and put a hat over it and shirt over the hat to keep it dark but made sure it still got air and my seeds took bout 3 days for a root to come out. i dont know about your seeds but after the first day mine came out a little i planted one and left the rest germinating and the next day the others had really long roots. you just gotta be patient.
  8. Pezzo

    Pezzo Registered+

    i put mine ina paper towel and the had a 10mm root after 3 days
  9. the image reaper

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    'keeping the soil damp' will invite Pythium Wilt, fatal to your seeds and seedlings ... you need to go back and read all the basics in the GROW FAQ section ... good luck ... :smokin:
  10. Juggalo smoker

    Juggalo smoker Registered+

    Thanks for the tips guys you're the best. How did the first one you planted turn out compaired to the others? Three days will drive me mad but I'll have to bear it, I am one for pateience there. But i think Scarface (the game) will keep me a lil busy while they germinate. Great game by the way.
  11. colorockman

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    got my beans yesterday put them in a wet rag, put that i a container, put that under the spare sink... less that 24 hrs, wala....
    oh ya, put a couple of drops of fish emulsion in half gal water.... soked the seed in this solution.
    man i am sooooo psyched, went through Dr Chronic and am hoping for some KILLER.........................

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