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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by HollyWxxD420, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I have a drug test on Tuesday. I am only concerned about THC in my system. In the past 2 weeks i smoked probably 3, 1 gram blunts on both saturdays and on both sets of mondays and wednesday i took maybe 2 hits from a gravity bong, each monday and wednesday. I am 19 years old, 5' 8" and about 130 pounds and have 3-6 percent body fat. I'm a regularly fit kid but havent really worked out in about a year and a half. Ive been drinking a larger amount of water than usual and some cranberry juice. I have also been taking 1 niacin and 1 B-12 pill daily for about a week now.

    I purchased STRIP NC as an extra to help me pass, do you think I will pass the drug test?

    Also, substitution is a possibilty I have thought about but I know nothing about it, any help please!!!
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    Detox drinks = Scam

    Detox drinks are overpriced bottled diluters. You can spend huge sums of money and accomplish nothing different than you can accomplish with just vitamin B2 and water.
    Drinking water days before the test is no help. THC is not water soluble so you cannot wash THC out of your body with water like you can wash dirt from a vehicle. Drinking water is only helpful on the day of the U/A.

    Niacin is a myth. It does nothing to rid the body of THC.

    There is nothing that can permanently rid the body of THC except time and exercise.
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    this is my summary of the substitution method

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    what product to you recommend for synthetic urine? what a good way to hide it?

    i really am clueless about all of this.
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    my brother is a clean kid. If i was to get his sample and then take the test tomorrow what would be the best way to keep it warm and shit?
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    You can keep it warm using hand warmers, but the sample is only good for 8 hours so make sure you get it a couple hours before you go.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently wracked my brain worrying and wondering if I would pass a drug test. After I did, all I wanted to do was share my story so that other people could read a success story and maybe feel more confident in their own situation. Please keep in mind, though, that every person is different and may respond differently to the products I will discuss, so don't take my story and use it as a guarantee for your own success, please.

    I needed to pass a urine drug test in order to be eligible to participate in a medical research study which would grant me a much needed free foot surgery as part of the deal. It meant a lot to me to receive this surgery- especially for free- so I was willing to do whatever I needed to in order to ensure I'd pass. I am 5'4", female, 27 years old, weight varying between 135-140lbs., I eat like a regular working young adult- greasy food, alcohol, combined with partying- so I'm not in tip top condition, but I'm overall in good health, which was confirmed by the doctors when I passed all of their tests pre-surgery. I smoked super-high grade bud everyday about 4 times a day, so I was a very heavy smoker in my opinion, and I had been smoking for about a year and a half straight. Before that I had never even seen a marijuana bud, though. :)

    Well, I knew that my test was going to be on Tuesday, January 5 2010 and I didn't do a damn thing to prepare for it. In fact, stupid me smoked the night before thinking that those liquid cleansers would work because another friend passed his drug test by the same method and he was by comparison to me much larger in body size- fatter, taller, male, also heavy smoker. The day of the test I followed the rules (ALMOST to a T, but I probably could have done a better job). Since I already knew approximately what time I'd be peeing in the cup (between noon and 2pm) I could better plan my day. I was using the "strip" liquid flush or cleanser, it's a small bottle of slightly syrupy red liquid supplemented by 5 capsules of supposed vitamins/minerals to boost what the cleanser will drain from your body. I accidentally took a few bites of a breakfast sandwich and then realized I wasn't supposed to eat anything, so I stopped and between the morning (8am-ish) and the actual peeing moment, I drank 1 full gallon of water, peed a bunch of times and that's it. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Well on Friday they called to inform me that I failed, testing positive for THC; for the record, I only smoke weed, I do not mess with prescription drugs or cocaine or anything else, I barely even take aspirin/ibuprophen/acetomenaphin though I have a very bad heahache/migraine condition...I prefer natural medicine. :) Anyway, the nurse was very cool about it and said I could retake it in about 2 weeks, but she wanted me to stop smoking if I hadn't already and buy an over-the-counter home drug test to check when I thought I'd test negative, just to be sure. She also explained me that THC stays in your body between 30-45 days after you STOP smoking (by stop I mean 100% and you are not around anyone else that smokes either, so a clean environment), which worried me because I hadn't even stopped by that point. Well, I smoked my last few spliffs that following Tuesday and then I kicked the bucket completely. Since my hubby was also planning on taking a drug test for a job in a few months, he had on hand a box of the 7-day strip cleanser (not the flush, the cleanser which is a pill-based program) which I decided I would use.

    I followed the guidelines more closely for this, considering it was costing me money for all these products and also because I was driving from NYC to Maryland for the drug test so I'd be paying for all these rentals in the meantime. It was 6 pills a day, 2 at each meal and I really had to be timely with the doses. I was supposed to eat a diet lower in fat and higher in fiber, but we are pretty poor nowadays so that wasn't exactly feasible. I ate some pasta, rice, eggs, cheeseburgers maybe 2 or 3 times, pizza, and I had a few beers in between, about 5 total for the entire 7 days. I drank A LOT of water, some OJ just because I like it, and didn't even do anything special in the way of exercise other than the normal walking a NYer does daily. I reiterate that I neither consumed in any form, nor was around anyone that was smoking any weed whatsoever. The last strip cleanser pills I took were on Tuesday January 20, 2010. I took the "firstchek" home drug test (the one for THC, in which you place three large drops of urine onto a tester much like the kind for a pregnancy test), to my amazement I tested negative! I was really skeptical so I read a bunch of information online which reassured that there's really no way you can screw up a home drug test and since they are 99.9% accurate, I was confident that I could pass the professional one too. So I called the nurse, booked a rental and drove back to MD the next day (Thursday January 22, 2010) to retake it. They called me back Friday and said I passed! So I had my surgery the following Monday, at which point they rechecked my vitals and performed an EKG to confirm that my health was still in fine condition which it was (and is). And here I am today telling you that there is hope for some of those products out there. Now I don't know if it was the combination of the liquid flush and the pill cleansers that worked, I don't believe it is personally because I smoked a bunch in between, but there you go, that's my story and I hope it helps anyone out there that finds him/herself having to pass a drug test suddenly.

    Thanks for reading, smoke one for me!!!! :)

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    Youve passed your test because of the copius amounts of water youve drank, which effectively diluted the THCA concentration in your bladder, to where the urine sample registered below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen. The magic detox potion/pills had nothing to do with you passing.

    All "detox cleansers" work via the dilution factor. That means they "work" because of the water that youre required to drink with them. They do not rid the body of THC, nor do they convert THC into something that cannot be detected, as the peddlers and their sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. These scam artists only exist to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by seperating the credulous from their hard-earned cash.

    Like I said previously, there is no product, nothing that can permanently rid the body of THC. Only time and exercise can do that.
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    I could be wrong but....

    The dilution method is only part of the problem. If you dilute your urine to the point of water without vitamin supplements the outcome of your test is up in the air. I took a test once and failed due to my urine being too diluted. I had to retest and after doing quite a bit of reading I decided to try one of the so called detox products that literally give you 5330% DV of B1, 4710% DV B2, and so forth with B6 and B12 and creatine. DV meaing your recommended Daily Value. I drank tons of water and followed the instructions on the bottle and passed the next day. My boyfriend is trying a similar process tomorrow for a job and he is hoping to get. I think there is merit to the dilution method if you can make sure that you have the necessary nutrients in your urine.
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    All the necessary nutrients are right there listed in the thread. You must not have followed this regimen and just drank copious amounts of water. The detox drink does contain everything you need with one major flaw. The creatine it contains does you no good the day of the test. Creatine needs to be loaded 3-4 days before the test so it can metabolize into Creatinine. If your Creatine levels are low because of dilution then guess what? Fail.
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