HELP:Suicidal thoughts/depression from too much cannabis?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by peace 4 calum, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. peace 4 calum

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    I've been smoking weed for a few years and all of my friends have too. My mates all seem fine when we're getting stoned but I tend to dive deep into my mind and think about everything in depth, the harsh realities of the world depress me and I feel as though nobody is really that close to me anymore. These feelings continue when I'm not stoned but they magnify tenfold when I am. I find it hard to enjoy weed the way I could when I started at 14, everything seems less carefree. I'd really like some advice from someone who's gone through what I'm going through. I wanna enjoy life and cannabis again.
  2. NightProwler

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    man i was going thru the exact same thing about a month ago. everything was so obvious and depressing. the pointlessnesss of life was just so simple. i didnt stop smoking but cut back alot. i stopped focusing on weed so much and more on my life. my gf is my life and weed is only something i do when i really want to.

    you need to be positive even if it seems impossible, because when your depressed, nothing gets done and it doesnt help anybody. nobody will want to be around you and you'll just get more and more depressed. even if life seems pointless, just try to live a good life anyways.
  3. peace 4 calum

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    I'd be hopeless without my girlfriend. She's the only thing that makes me happy. "She's my life"
  4. NightProwler

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    yea well dont smoke and just focus on her and your life will be happy. smoke occasionally, with her only.
  5. peace 4 calum

    peace 4 calum Registered

    Cheers man, I was kinda planning that anyway but things get in the way.
  6. puff4twentynow

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    Well it sounds to me that you don't like responsibility. I say that because you said that you want to be able to enjoy weed like when you were 14 again, "carefree". Now that your older, accepting what you can not change is the hard part. I don't like what has become of this world either and i have had thoughts of suicide since i was 11. I'm still here cause i'm too much of a bitch to kill myself. Also i believe in God and i don't want to go to hell.

    If you don't like the life you live then why not change it. Start by changing what you can and try not to worry about things that you cannot. Marijuana helps you concentrate and focus and sometimes helps you forget as well. While high, try not to think about what gets you depressed. Or maybe you can do something you enjoy to do while high instead of just sitting their with your thoughts.

    Nobody wants to grow up but we just have to. How is your sex life? Are you getting enough tail? I know that when i feel down, pussy, like MJ, always make me feel better!!!!!

    I've been to alcoholics anonymous meetings to help me stop drinking. I no longer drink but my point to this is that at the end of these meetings, everyone would get in a big huddle and say a prayer. "God, grant me the serenity to know there are some things that i cannot change, the courage to change the things that i can and the wisdom to know the difference". When i feel suicidal or something is bothering me, i say this prayer. Before i know it, i am thinking about a way to solve my problem.

    Don't worry about the world unless your in a position to change it. If your not in a position to change everyones world then don't worry about the world. Do what you can to make your world better. If and when you decide that your happy, then the rest of the world will seem happy to you too. Suicide is not the answer to anything. It only creates trouble and heartache for those who truly do care for you. Think about them and not yourself when it comes to killing yourself, don't do it. I hope this helps you a little.

  7. smokincajun

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    That's cool that you're girlfriend means so much to you, but I'd try to think of other positive things; if something happened between y'all you'd be in a heap of trouble. I would start writing down all the things that are good and what you have to be thankful for. Such as....

    As much as we dog on the government here, we still do have alot of freedom in the U.S. that folks in other countries can only dream of.

    You probably have good health and live life relatively free of physical pain

    You can see, hear, read & write, have a roof over your head, a computer and food to eat.

    If you get too down, go live in the woods, build a shelter of sticks and palmetto leaves and eat grubs and grasshoppers and drink some pine needle tea for a couple of days, or weeks...that may help put things in perspective. I haven't done it for more than a couple of days (didn't actually eat bugs...brought some water & dried food) but it has helped. WHenever I get down I think of doing it off the land away from all the bombardment of what the world throws at us and it makes me feel better.
  8. smokincajun

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    Well said Puff. And like I've been told "suicide is a permant solution to a temporary problem that puts you in a worse situation than you were in to begin with"

  9. smokincajun

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  10. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    Puff that was beautiful
  11. Green Screen

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    Everyone goes through these thoughts eventually, but what works for me is to just not think about it. Yeah life does suck but as long as you keep your head in the day and not the lifetime youll do ok.
  12. daima

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    standing out on the edge of a building watching the traffic below
    smoking a joint and thinking of jumping, life sux, i'm ready to go
    below me a crowd slowly gathers around, cop cars and news camera's too
    i just cant get out of this pain im in, i dont know what else to do
    They tell me depression runs in the family, well that doesnt help me much

    dai*ma :(
  13. pixel

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    Very simple. Just say fuck it. Say it out loud. Stop thinking like that. The world is as nice as you make it, and you're only making it worse thinking like that. Smile. Smoke. Enjoy being alive, and find out what is causing the anxiety in you. Depression is a medically proven chemical imbalance in the Limbic System of the brain and you should see a doctor if you feel like that all the time. Try my method, if that doesn't work, see a doctor. Sometimes pot only exacerbates existant medical conditions.
  14. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    man i get depressed like once or twice each day. its kinda rediculous.
  15. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    Here's what you do. You realize that, no matter what happens in life, it happens. Some good, some bad. You just have to learn to enjoy the good as best you can, and either learn to enjoy the bad as well, since they can be times of great growth and learning, or to grit your teeth and just plough through it. Remember, there is no way of knowing what happens when you die until it happens. That could be something terrible, so you should try to avoid it.
  16. rzaodb6

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    some of the most beautiful thoughts from stoners you cant kill this shit. Puff was on point as well as the dude that said somethign after that. :Rasta:
  17. Jim Morrison

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    i got depressed a few times from smoking pot and it was a taste at what my life would be like now now i have a job and have to worry about that shit and my friends are being self destructive to themselves and are hurting themselves so i worry about them and get depressed and get stomach problems because of it

    im starting to realise though that what happens happens and theres not much i can do to help them i can only show them whats right and wrong they need to do the rest so im starting to feel better but im a little worried to smoke pot again its been a few weeks and since ive been so depressed lately im afraid it will get worse
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    She told me not to tell you but she gave me head. Twice.
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    yea and she totally munched my balls as i shooted all over her man sorry

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