Help! Very small, MANY, JUMPING BUGS!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by ate, Apr 17, 2007.

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    I don't know what they are. There are some bugs that fly, but they have been around since I brought one pot in from the outside, they don't cause too much of a problem because I kill them if they get near the plant in the flower room.

    I recently transplanted most of my vegging plants into bigger pots, I got dirt from the garage that's been sitting in a bag for a while, and dirt from old pots that have been sitting in my closet for a while.

    Ok, finished mixing soil, transplanting and everything, and was sitting here when I caught motion out of the corner of my eye!

    I look into the pot and there's thousands of TINY, MICROSCOPIC BUGS, JUMPING, like FLEAS!

    How can I get rid of these pests!! :( :( What gets me is that they're not like the usual fly infestation, maybe they are the same species and these are just the babies, but there are SO MANY OF THEM, JUMPING OFF OF EACH SQUARE INCH OF SOIL!

    I'm lucky I didn't fill the pots up because these guys can't get out all the way, but I assume they'll grow full size soon!

    I sprayed them with water, and then covered the three pots that are infested with plastic wrap.

    PLEASE, help me! I don't know if I should just go get a bug spray or what, I've never seen these before, they're TINY, think PORE-SIZED, and they JUMP, just like FLEAS, they look whitish, yellow!

    What can I do? :(

    Those white things in the picture are them.

    Are they just the regular fly larvae? If so....I will get some lady bugs to show them a good time. :]
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    Thrip larvae
    Hit the plant and the soil with a pyrethrin-based insecticide.
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    I wouldda said flame.
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    Ahhhh! Thank you stinky! pyrethrin-based insecticide here I come! Home depot right? Those bastards will pay!

    Why did I ever use soil that had been outside. :( Well, I'm going to go look for some pesticide, and if not, pick some up, and then I'll come back with the results. Here's a pic though, that's them?

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    lol @ flame... as in, flamethrower.
    har har har
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    Did anyone ever figure out wtf these things are and how to get rid of them? My plants are getting sick and the sickest ones are infested with these jumping microscopic things.
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    never mind didnt read above.
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    Confirmed, 3 dead baby plants and 1 sick due to these bastards. Picking up the organic pesticide today. Learn from my example, these things are ruthless.
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    lol their somewhat every where remember your making a enclosed environment that is perfect for these little predators. what you need is SM-90 and neem oil, or azatrol which is a type of neem oil mixed with pesticide. but uses SM90- on the roots as directed on the bottle, and mix the sm-90 and the neem oil to geather for a foiler spray (follow the directions, you add water too not just poison), remember to add a drop of dish soap or use saturater from dutch masters.

    in the future spray every 5-7 days when veging and add neem oil to the soapy mix.
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