HELP! Will I pass drug test in 2 days?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Bsam387, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Bsam387

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    I smoked pot for the first time two nights ago and didn't even get high. I only took a few hits, and considering that I didn't even feel anything, I'm wondering whether or not their is enough THC in my system for me to fail my drug test. What do you guys think?

    ALSO: I have to pass the final interview for my job tomorrow before the drug test, so I can just say that I don't want the job and I won't have to take the test. I do want the job though, and I don't want my parents getting suspicious as to why I didn't get the job. If I risk it and take the test, and fail, can I get into any legal trouble for testing positive, or do I simply not get the job? Please help, I'm dying here.
  2. El Digital

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    If you smoked for the very first time ever and didn't even get high.. there's a good chance that you didn't even inhale it. This will pretty much determine whether you could fail or not..

    but as it is, I'd be on the safe side and start diluting. I'd say the day before your drug test, take some creatine and get that ball rolling.. next morning take some aspirin, drink an energy drink (anything with creatine in it), and then start loading up on water/gatorade. try to take your test after you've already pissed a few times, and just drink a little bit (not a lot) of water/gatorade between voids... don't want to get TOO dilute.

    as far as legal trouble.. there won't be any. if you fail the drug test, the lab informs your employer-not-to-be and they revoke the job offer. nothing more.

    on the outset, i think you'll have no problems passing. the most important thing i'd advise you to make sure you do is to at least not give them the first few pisses of the day..

    good luck.
  3. bright eyes

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    creatine? whats that and where can i get some? sounds like magical substance.
  4. FakeBoobsRule

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    The creatine really should be taken about 48 hours before the test. Taking it the day of the test will do nothing. Drinking lots of water the day before the test will do nothing as long as you are properly hydrated. For the person that asked about creatine, it is something that helps keep your urine from showing you are dilute. Your body metabolized creatine to creatinine and they measure your creatinine clearance on some tests. You want it to be above 20 and you can add creatine to your body through creatine supplements or eating red meat 24-72 hours before the test. Best results come when consuming 48-72 hours before the test.
  5. RAW420

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    Dude have no fears Im a rolly polly stoner for some years now,and its all stored in the fat cells anyways,I burned one at 1 and took a piss test at the local hospital for my job at 4 and passed and all I did was drink water in those 3 hrs,I mean I was basiclly pissin water but it passed the temp part,which is one of first things checked during a urinalysis,so they know its fresh out the body,adn if they would have said it was dilluted another test would be scheduled at a later time and date,usually within 48 hrs,and ive passed 4 different test doing this same method,maybe Im just one lucky stoner.
  6. roj

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    You can get some at GNC or any healthfood type store. It's typically used in conjunction with lifting weights.

    You can take up to 3 teaspoons in one day per week if you're trying to max-up for weight lifting, or you can limit yourself to a teaspoon a day.

    It blends in really well with grape juice, as well as other juices, but can be taken with water (although it's not as tasty).

    Good luck on your test man. I've got one tomorrow. . . :(
  7. Bsam387

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    Thanks a lot guys, i just got the job offer today and I'm taking the drug test on Thursday. I took an at-home test yesterday and the result was negative, but I was a mid-stream sample and I'm hoping that they don't disallow that at the testing place. I also hope I didn't perform the test wrong or anything.
  8. FakeBoobsRule

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    He's not taking it for muscle growth though. He's taking it to hide dilution. I would take a little more than what is recommened. If you take too much though your body will let you know with a trip to the bathroom or two!
  9. Chuddy

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    I got really baked last week, and the next day had a doctor's appointment. Of course I had to piss in a cup, but thankfully my doctor was really cool about smoking pot, saying, "Oh yeah, Ya like to hit the bottle, haha.":Rasta:

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