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    I have a 20 gallon res, i went to the Advanced Nutrients
    calculator and it said that i mix equal amounts of mirco, grow, bloom.

    Advanced Nutrients' Nutrient Calculator - Analyze Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrient Levels for Your Hydroponic or Indoor Garden.

    Is this right? Am i reading it right?

    Can someone tell me if that is the proper way to mix it?

    My plants are about 1 weeks into flower.
    I cant seem to understand the mixing of the nutrients, does someone know a easy way of understanding it?

    Thank you for any help.
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    My stoned eyes took one look at that chart. I got dizzy and hypnotized, then I pressed the back button, sorry.
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    Trying to help

    Advanced is a good line of nutes. That being said, you don't need everything they
    recommend. Use the Grow, Micro, Bloom and some B52 in Veg. In flower use Grow Micro
    Bloom and if you want you can use Big Bud and Overdrive. This is how I mix: I start with the recommended PPM #, for your first week of flower it is probably about 800 ppm.

    1: Check your water's PPM BEFORE you add anything. So for this example we will assume that your using R/O with a ppm of say 20 ppm.

    2: So with a ppm of 20 you can add 750 ppms of nutes. If your using tap water with a ppm of say 150 then you can only add 650 ppm of nutes. Make since? Good. Use a 1 to 1 to 1 ratio when mixing your grow, micro, bloom. This means that for every 1 ml of micro you would add 1 ml of bloom and 1 ml of grow. If you want to use stuff like Big Bud then you have to add that into your ppms so that you don't go over 800 ppm for your total.

    3:On the packaging for Big Bud it says that it will increase your ppms by about 300. So, if your water is 20 ppms and you add big bud at 300 ppms then you mix your Grow Micro and bloom to add up to 480 ppm for a total of 800 ppm, once you have everything mixed in.

    4: So mix this way--Mix in your CalMag Plus so that the ppm of the water reaches 100. Now put your Micro in first and mix well. Now put in your grow and mix well, now put your bloom in and mix well. Your ppms should add up to 500 if your going to use Big bud. Now mix in your Big Bud so that the PPMs in your res add up to 800 total.

    5: Check your PH and adjust it to 5.5 to 6.3. Try to hit 5.8 but don't be a fanatic about it, just get it close.
    Be sure to check your ph every day and adjust it if it needs it.

    One final and VERY important note: Advanced Nutrients uses a scale of .7 for ppms. If your in the US then the PPM meter you bought, whether it's a Hanna PPM/PH or some other brand, is set to measure PPMs at a .5 scale. You will need to change that in the pens settings so that you don't over feed your plants.

    You can do this by reading the instructions that came with your PPM/PH pen, in them it will instruct you on how to change that setting. If you don't have your instructions anymore you can go online to their website and find them there.

    Like I said in the beginning, you don't need all the stuff that the chart says you need. You can do an entire grow from start to finish with just Grow, Micro and Bloom if your using tap water. If your using R/O then you will also need CalMag Plus.

    I hope that this helps you.


    ******If anyone sees something I wrote that is incorrect PLEASE chime in as I am fairly new to this.********
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    AN is what you call a paper tiger. All sell, but nothing to show for it.
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    That is true in some ways...let me splane lucy: they do over sell their additives in some cases. Because of this newer growers tend to kill plants with their nutes, that being said i have seen people get great results with AN. Not just a few people but many do get good results. But when you look at what they recommend it is easy to become over whelmed. Just keep it simple and get good results, then when you have a few successful grows you can start adding the other stuff one at a time to try and tweak your grow to get better results.

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    I also use AN 3 pt with Calmag Plus. Is there a chart for Veg regarding ppms? My plant looks jacked up I am not sure what the ppms should be. Its about 1 month old and it just seems like it stopped growing. I didnt mix in the nutes like abyss stated. I added grow,micro then bloom then calmag plus. Could that be the problem? How I mixed them.

    Right now my pms are at 450 (170 tap ppm)
    Ph = 5.8 holding steady

    Net pots with hydroton mixed with just a little vermiculite but most has fallen out and is washed out during res changes which I do weekly. The water gets a little warm throughout the day from the 400 HID shining down so I pop in a couple of frozen water bottles to get the water temps down a bit. I cant monitor it all day every day as I work.

    As far as watering I water 7 times a day @ 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. 18/6 lights on/off no water in darkness.

    Ambient temps may be contributing to the problem. When the lights go off I would say the temps in the grow space drop 5 to 10 degrees if that. I have a fan on 24/7 for air circulation

    The tap root is hanging down into the water which is has 2 aerrators and a submersable pump on 24/7 for increased oxygen in the water.

    Humidity ranges 50-60%

    No sure what I left out but from the info I have provided and the photos what do you all think?

    Not enough nutes for plants age?
    Temperature both water and/or ambient as contibuting factors?

    improper nute mixing?

    Is it okay for the tap root to be constantly in the water?

    Some of the clay pebbles have a white residue on them.

    This is a top drip feed set up.




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    Well last night I kicked up the ppms by 50 adding cal mag. I also let the plant go without top drip feed for over 10 hours and this appears to have helped. As you can see the leaves are perking up. Sounds like I was watering to much. I wonder if the N in the cal mag helped out any.

    As far as the other points I made I would still like feedback ie.. Nute mixing

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    Different brand, but it might help with deciding PPM or something.

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    Godbud, it is OK for the taproot to be constantly in the water in the beginning. In fact you want some of it to be covered. But once it is about the age and health of yours, it should have a bigger root structure, and this is the time to start feeding more and watering less. You want to water/feed at little as possible for the duration of the grow. The more the roots can breath oxygen the better. I pretty much go by the PPM schedule I linked above.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Thanks OPIE

    Makes sense! What about the mixing of nutes. Does it really matter which one you put in first?
  12. Opie Yutts

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    You're welcome, and not to me, it doesn't. I'm wrong according to some people, but when I try for 1300 PPM for example, I want 1300 PPM. Not 1435 after adding some additives or something. So I can't think why the order you put them in would matter. But hey, that's just me (and a bunch of others).

    Unless of course the instructions specifically say to reach your normal target PPM, then add a certain amount.
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    Hey guys,
    I'm not sure why your supposed to add micro first but this is from Advanced Nutrients web site-- "When using Micro as part of our Grow Micro Bloom three-part feeding program, we recommend a 1:1:1 ratio. However, you can always take advantage of the program's flexibility by using a 1:2:3 ratio or a 3:2:1 ratio if that's what you're more comfortable with. We encourage you to experiment and decide on the best ratio for your needs, based on your own conclusions. Keep in mind that Micro should always be added to your reservoir first, followed by Grow, and then Bloom." --- If anyone has a definitive answer to why you are supposed to mix it first I would love to hear it.

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    I'm growing in coco, so my set-up isn't exactly the same as yours. But it's hydro and I water twice a day 'till there's significant run-off.

    I'm also using AN 3-part & CalMag+. I've never mixed the nutes in any special order, but something has got to be first and if AN says it should be the Micro, I'm real big on following directions from the experts. (I love how I learn new things on this forum every day!) I don't pay much attention to ppm. The plants dictate what they want, not the numbers on a chart. If you want to record the ppm #s for future reference when growing the same strain, that's great. But right now your plants don't much give a damn what your ppm meter sez.

    Is your plant a clone or seed? Where are you counting that one-month age from?

    Here's the protocol I follow: When the roots on the clone look like the first photo, I put them into either a 3" rockwool cube or an 18 oz. cup with coco. They are then put on B1 & tiny amount of Superthrive for the next few days while they get used to life outside the dome. After that, I mix AN M-G-B as per label directions (2ml/L) & CM+ @ 3ml/gal and start with a 1/4 strength solution. From then on in, I let the plants tell me what they want. 1/4 strength lasts for a few days, then I up it to 1/3 or 1/2, depending on what the plant wants. You increase the nutes in this manner until by about the third week out of the cloner your at full strength. For weeks three and four they are on full strength nutes and, when the plant says "hey, I really want to grow now" I start adding molasses and Sweet. When I add the molasses & Sweet, I do not cut back on the other nutes just to reach some arbitrary ppm number. As the plants get bigger they use more of the nutrient solution - they drink more - but the nutrient strength stays the same.

    When you're in flower and you're trying to pump the plants full of as many nutes as you can without killing them, I suppose you need to use ppm's to some degree to regulate things in your hydro system. But your benchmarks are dictated by your strain and your plants; not by some chart.

    Enjoy your grow!

    PC :smokin:

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  15. GodBud

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    Thats one month from since the seed was planted. Now its going on week 6. Does the plant look okay for that age. What do you think?

    Seems the plant is struggling with the droop. I thought I figured it out as I was watering to much. When I cut the watering back the leaves perked up. Then last night they slightly drooped again. I went to watering every 4 hours for about 5 min on time. This morning the plant looks decent no serious droop but not stretching for the HID like I want.

    One thing I did notice was that when I cut back the watering I started noticing more roots pop out the bottom of the net pot.

    This is a different strain than my first grow which seemed to take off like a lightning bolt but this one is challenging me big time. Maybe I am just impatient and need to just let it do its thing. Right now the ppms are at 750sh. I was thinking the plant was more hungry so I bumped up the ppms but what do I know. Whats your honest opinion on this plant this picture was taken 5 minutes ago!



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    For vegging your plant, staart with the rooted clones chart week 1-2, then start with week 3 on the vegetative feeding chart...

    I use everything on the 100-% organic chart and scoprpoin juice...

    i also use R/O water, do i need to add sensicalmg for my growe since i use organics.. is it needed???
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