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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by deeproots, Nov 16, 2010.

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    122.jpg Hi All

    I was installing my warm white cfl,s to start flowering my ( Green House Seed A.M.S ) and my home made light holder for
    the cfl,s fell on top of my plant and partly snapped off
    one of the big nodes on the left side. I was told it wood be alright to tape it back together and it wood heal itself but i dont
    know if i did the right thing.:(

    So the question i have for you all is Let it be or use as a clone.
    Going to try post pic,s hope it works
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    TANKJR Registered+

    Put it back together best you can with tape, stakes n wire ties, and hope! I had a 5 footer fold over in half once and staked it back up and it kept right on going. Worst case is you'll get some test weed.
  3. deeproots

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    Thanks TANKJR

    Thats what i was told to do and i feel better now you gave me the
    same info. I hope she heal,s her self.:hippy:
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    ye man just tape her back together, i had to move a load of plants a while aho and a few of them snapped in half squeezing through a door,i just put paper around then and tied tape around the paper,the reason i used paper is the glue in the tape has chemicals and they might be bad for the plant
  5. deeproots

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    Alright kingbud2010

    Sorry for not getting back to you bro to say nice one for the info but i said id give it a few weeks to see how she was getting on. But she is cool any way new bud growth happening so im a happy man.:hippy:
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    Hi deeproots

    was just looking at your thread is there any chance you could put a up date of how she is looking now if thats o,k, thanks alot.;)
  7. john harper

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    Great tip. I am starting to collect some info like this and maybe start grow mine at my backyard.

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