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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by xxnickx5x, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Im planning on growing for my first time this summer. I have about 20 bag seeds of an unknown strain. I live in Massachusetts. Im planning on growing it on a large rocky cliff which will deliver plenty of sunlight. But I plan on using pots because im guessing the soil will be poor in nutrients due to all of the rocks. Does anyone have any advice for me. I practically read every outdoor grow guide online. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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    hey bro, i live in good old mass too. first thing id tell u is there is no use in putting all that time and effort into bag seeds. if u think your spot is worth it i would grab 10 feminized seeds from some company and start with that. another thing to worry about is how close you are to water. its hard to travel in some of these areas with alot of water. if your are close to water u wanna think mold. alot of strains arent mold resistent and that can kill your crop. another thing is security from above. its really easy to spot organized plants in buckets on a rocky cliff side. If not then jus throw a bunch of seeds on the ground and pray that pot comes
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    if your bag seed comes from mexico or another schwagg producing commercial country you might have maturation problems cause your outdoor grow period isint long enuf. other than that some bag seed is great sativa strains that received no care when grown
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    #1 thing is starting with a strain bred to finish outdoors on time. You need an 8 week or less outdoor or indoor-outdoor strain. Try a Skunk or Northern Lights.

    Your spot on the cliff may be very visible to helicopters, plus cliffs attract hikers and rock-climbers. Pots are quite obvious. Try a more discreet location, and prepare the soil with plenty of composted manure or topsoil well before you plant.

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