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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by GetBakedOrDieTryin, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    anybody know how much of a gram or how many grams should be in a dime, quarter, or nick?
  2. bralasta

    bralasta Registered

    In a quater there is 7 grams, i dont know about dimes and nick though, because i do not live in america.
  3. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    dime is generally 1-1.5g, and a nick is like .5g
  4. Vinny87

    Vinny87 Registered+

    Well, where I'm at I'd say the dimes are about 1 gram. I've never bought nickels, but I'd assume a little less than half a gram.

    EDIT: Whoops, Friv beat me to it.
  5. Pete Rock

    Pete Rock Registered+

    I hate gettin 0.8 gram sacks
  6. krustythfreakinclown

    krustythfreakinclown Registered+

    A word of advice about nickel and dime bags:

    If all you have is $5 or $10 at a time to spend on weed, you are wasting your money and need to get a job or a better job.

    Here's why:
    The less quantity you buy, the more it costs per unit purchased. So, let's assume a dime bag might cost you $10 and weigh 1 gram. By contrast, if you bought a quarter, which is 7 grams, you would only spend...umm...let's just say $50.

    So, spending money on 7 grams when you are buying them one gram at a time, you will spend $70 for the same amount of weed that would cost you $50 if you bought it all at once.

    And if you have an income, how hard is it to wait a week or two and not smoke any weed, so you can buy a fat-ass quarter and save 20 bucks? Then, the next time you go to buy a quarter, you only have to save $30, since you had the $20 left over from the last time you bought.

    And if you *really* need to get high while saving up for that quarter, you can always split the cost with a friend and pay $25 for 3.5 grams. You still save $10 ($10/gram, buy 3.5 grams, $10x3.5=$35).

    And if you buy half ounces or ounces, you pay even less per gram.

    So, go clean for a couple of weeks, save your money up and buy a quarter or more. If you keep buying gram bags, you're never going to have a decent amount of weed, you will be constantly trying to score and most importantly, you are going to continue wasting your money by paying for something that is more expensive than it should be.

    You can go a few weeks without buying weed. Really.
  7. GratefulDead4ever

    GratefulDead4ever Registered+

    yeah the more you buy the cheaper you get each for a gram but you also run a risk at such high amounts of something bad happenin like gettin mugged or gettin shafted
  8. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    how many dime bags would equal one quarter in general?
  9. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    are u sure there isn't a "street" verison of a quarter? cuz a street dealer would never sell 7 times the amount of a dime for only 25 bucks, when a dime is 10.
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  10. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    i suppose back in the 70s when dealers were growing sometimes 40 plants at the same time would do that... but nowadays its much more common for drug dealers to have 6 or 7.
  11. tokinggreg

    tokinggreg Registered+

    lol.. a "quarter" refers to a quarter ounce, not quarter as in $25.
  12. CYRAX

    CYRAX Registered+

    Nicks ~ .5G - .9G
    Dimes ~ 1.0G - 1.9G

    for nicks, .5 is skimpy, and .9 is fat..
    for dimes, 1.0 is skimpy, and 1.9 is fat..

    ^This goes for NY and CT, and most other eastern states^
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  13. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    i am about to solve all of your gram issues very simply - u need to memorize a certain gram / price and then do the math to get any other price u want -

    mine is 1.7g = $20
    therefore a dime is .85g because 1.7/2 = .85
    a nick is .425g because .85/2 = .425

    u can go up, too

    1.7 x 2 = 3.4g - but many dealers will give you 3.5g (an eigth)

    3.5 x 2 = 7g, a quarter ounce

    therefore 7x4 = 28, which means 28grams = 1 ounce

    u get the picture im sure
  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Simple rule, buy in bulk, its always cheaper.
  15. welshkillabee

    welshkillabee Registered+

    Just buy OZ's and sell a bit to your mates
  16. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    lemme repeat what i said doods.... no street dealer would ever sell u a quarter for 25 bucks which is seven grams... when a dime is worth 10, and about 1.0-1.5 grams.
  17. Krogith

    Krogith Registered+


    no no a dine refers to 10cents get it 1.0 and when someone says a Quarter there talking 1/4 of a Ounce! wich is 7 g's or 2 1/8's ( Buy bigger bunches you get broke down some also when buying bigger):smokin:
  18. Bong30

    Bong30 Registered+

    i like to buy in portions of pounds or just pounds..... a nickle is what falls on the floor....

    just kiding i remember those days...

    you guys are making this way to hard....
  19. Solistus

    Solistus Banned

    A quarter in weed terminology DOES NOT MEAN IT COSTS $25! It's a quarter ounce, or 7g.
  20. bulletz144

    bulletz144 Registered+

    where im from, a nickel is .5

    a chincy dime is .7, a dime is a gram, and a fat dime is 1.3-1.5

    a quarter is 7 grams, a half ounce 14, an ounce 28, a pound is 16 ounces (i think)

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