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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by bbrian017, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. bbrian017

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    I have 3 lights, 2 are pretty much the same from what I can tell and are probably older.

    x2 - LED Grow Light Model G-s400 W (I have two rows of led lights out in both)
    x1 LED Grow Panel 45 ( I have about 8 lights on this panel out)

    See images for lights out.

    They were gifted to me for growing in my tent which is 120 x 60 x 150cm

    I understand this is a small tent... are these lights too much for this small area or will it be fine?

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  2. Weezard

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    Jus fine.
    If you top/fim to keep theplants short, the inverse square law will control intensity, yah?
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  3. TomSawyer2112

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    This setup is almost like the one I’m working on. (48x24x60) tent but my lamp is a Max Bloom CREE X4 + 400watt. I only plan on growing a couple of plants at a time as I am only growing for my own medical needs. My only concern is ventilation. I haven’t decided how I want to do that yet. I’ve got dozens of PC fans and enough electrical experience to do most 12-240 volt projects, I just don’t know how critical it’s going to be to control odor.
    Anyway. It’s nice to see there’s some tech savvy folks on here. I hope to learn a lot from this forum.
  4. GreenAuto

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    Whats the total draw power for 3 lights? As ususal, 30~50watts per square ft would be better for decent results. So total actual power 240~400watts can fit your culture space 2x4ft..
  5. TomSawyer2112

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    16E4543A-8392-486F-A781-14D0A2FD115B.jpeg This is my light.
  6. Deville-M

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    Higher draw power=higher yield, but usually 35--50W/SF will work well. Such as my Mars ProII320 led (740w draw power)in tent 4x4
  7. Deville-M

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    I found this growing picture to share with you
    proII 320--Deville -1.png
  8. raymont

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