Help with liquid kool bloom.

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by KillerBudG, Jan 3, 2010.

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    I really have no bloom nutes as of yet. But I do have some LKB, will this improve or help my plants at all as a stand alone product.? And it says to mix 1-2 teaspoons to a gallon of water. The liquid kool bloom is like 0-10-10 and the dry kool bloom is 2-_ _- _ _ the last P&K are 3X higher than the liquid kool bloom.

    Can I actual double the mix proportion, or will that cause issues.?

    Should I water them everytime with the kool Bloom or should I go water bloom water bloom, Or bloom water water bloom.?

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    "KB is a highly concentrated additive." (not a fertilizer) It's a late-stage bulking agent and resin-inducing formula. (supposedly) Are you using hydroponics in some form, or are you in soil?

    It's high in phosphates and a sulfide, I believe. Each of which lowers your water ph. Do not double the mfgr's recommended rate. Doing so will kill your ladies.

    Here's a weekly General Hydroponics feeding schedule:

    You're gonna need nutrients.
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    Yo Rusty, Hows it going? I am using the soil and only have the liquid kool bloom. I do not really know what my ph is, It was all fine until the 3-4 week flower I started getting signs of a cal-mag deficiency I am trying to solve. But my ladies are also root bound, so I am having some debates about transplanting them for theses last 3-5 weeks. But I am planning on going to get some G.h floral Bloom, and floral Micro. And something to fix my cal-mag shit:wtf: When I get some extra cash I can spare. Maybe this weekend.

    Well as the kool Bloom goes it says 1-2 teaspoons a gallon, And i used 2 teaspoons a gallon and hit them with that on Saturday. Waiting to see how they like it, hope it was not to much for them but i will know later today or tomorrow.

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    Dry KB Fan

    Just poking my head in, I have been using dry KB for years in small amounts for years, I feel its a great product. 1 package will last a small boutique grower a long time.
    Overuse (of ant fert) contributes to black crackly non burning bud.

    I do think it helps with the final product.

    It also will stop stretch, if thats what you need.

    Best regards,

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