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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Brett Spark, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Okay I'll completely new to growing & need all your wisdom, experience & knowledge you can share with me please! I've just started my first grow (which I will also post help for in the appropriate forum). It is such a miracle to watch them grow and I can't wait till they are done! I never want to buy it again, it just can't be the same as growing your own. The pride and satisfaction.. anyway, it's summer here. I've got my baby's outside (they better be girls!!) but living in southern Australia, an outdoor grow just isn't going to work for winter. Finally, my question :

    I need to setup a grow room!!

    I own my house so I can do what I need, however I'm back at uni (with a mortgage) so my budget is now VERY limited. I've been looking at grow tents, as I've found a few complete sets under $200. But there is no grow tents I can find that fit the dimensions of the closet I want to put it in. The closet I would love to turn into a grow space is in a spare bedroom (it's 2.3m L x 0.5m W x 1.6m H). So basically I'm after suggestions to turn that into a grow space or suggestions for a cheap grow tent that I will just setup in the spare room (I know I will have more space if I use a whole room, but I would rather not do that, I want to keep it inconspicuous & relatively small)
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    Try an old cabinet, dresser or other storage furniture

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