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    I am new t to growing also. I need to know what i need and help with lighting. I am on a very very limited budget. I have an old cabinet that ib plan on making into a grow room. The deminsionsare 3x5x5. Need some s advice.
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    My best advice is reasearch. We can't and most won't try to hold your hand if your not at least walking for yourself. In other words, read and get some general knowledge and arm yourself with more direct how to questions. You can learn almost how to grow any style of growing from just reading. Let us help with the implementation of the ideas you've acquired through research. We won't do the work for you, as we had to learn ourselves before being mentored. Sorry if this seems harsh, but unless you help you, why should we? Happy hunting and hope to see you asking more educated questions, so we can help you become the best garnder you can be! :hippy:
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    Youtube..It all there..I even have vids posted on construction of a growroom..But they are private and not posting them in public..Youtube can be the best tool in ya shop..
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    Check out what I did, I have about $200.00 in the project less the seeds. Let me know if you have any questions

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