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    OK so I have a female outdoor plant that's been growing on around 12/12 for a few months now. Natural sunlight only. My question is, because of my location the day and light stay the same always, So how will I get this plant to bud. It's already showing white hairs and signs of flowering. Will it bud naturally? Or how can I Increase my yield for this plant. Thanks

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    Um no. even right on the equator there is a winter/summer time swing. It's not wide, but it's there.

    Timing is everything.
    You lot are heading into summer. Depending on your lattitude, she may just swallow those pistils and go into reveg for the summer months.
    That's a good thing, it will allow her to get much larger.

    If you want to flower her at that size, this time of year, google light deprivation.

    Wee 'zard
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    Thanks so much for your help weezard.. Hopefully it revegs for the summer months but can I still use flowering nutes or not? Seeing as though it already had white hairs? Also I believe this is a sativa but would you have any other idea of the kind of sativa? Thanx
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    Can't advise on flowering nutes. I quit using them years ago.
    As it turn out, the plants bud, and the buds swell with, or without them.
    All I add is patience. Well, that and good soil. :)

    She does have a Sativa look about her. Were she Indica, she would have bolted to flower in May, or June. when the days were shorter there.

    Wait until harvest. describe the scent, taste, and effect. Then maybe I'll take a wild ass guess at her lineage. :D
    Grow on,

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