helping dog with hemangiosarcoma cancer

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by 1vanguy, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. 1vanguy

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    does anyone first hand experience treating a dog internally with cannabis for cancer? my dog was just diagnosed and am thinking of getting her some CBD-rich flour and an oil from a local medical clinic. thanks for any information on the matter you can provide me with..first hand accounts and dosing information are greatly appreciated.

    She is 11, husky/shepherd mix, about 63 lbs.

    Also if you can put me in touch with any experts using cannabis with dogs for this I'd appreciate. I'm in vancouver, bc.
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    Welcome Ivan
    I'm sorry I don't have any ideas about medical cannabis for your pet. I hope the best for her.
  3. catbuds

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    There was a thread here called dogs & cancer, I was on it, posted to try & bring it back to the top for you, & then it was gone! Just GONE!
    -- We have some great people here in the field of mmj. I know Weeze (Weezard) was one on the dogs & cancer thread to post treatment & how to determine dosage. I think Crystalicous & Growgoddess too. I'm going to another forum & asking Weeze to come over & help you. Crystal too. She's an awesome herbal healer. Try to find Growgoddess too. I love animals & it hurts me when the suffer. I'm trying to find you help as fast as I can! Much love!
  4. 1vanguy

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    thanks so much, my dog is my best friend and the love of my life (don't tell my gf). I would like to know if anyone treated this particular cancer--hemangiosarcoma, my research is showing me that different cancers respond differently to cannabis..and some are treated with CBD while others THC and other a combo. thanks again, time is of the essence..

    I will try to get into a medical dispensary here in Vancouver monday with just our medical vet refused to sign off on the form.
  5. catbuds

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    I hope that one vet gets bit by a huge, angry dog! The nerve of him! BTW, I misspelled 'Crystaliscious'. I don't make or use any of the extracts, but I plan on learning soon. To cover all bases, I'd use a product containing both for now. (THC & CBD). Can't hurt. I've pointed friends in your direction who use & make all the cannabis products. They're great people. If you have any bud, cook some up in a little butter, then mix it in some canned food & feed it to her. Maybe about 1/2 as much as you'd use in a bowl. You want her to be high enough to wobble when she walks. If its too much, don't worry, won't hurt her, just make her sleep for a looong nap. Once you get the dose right for her, give it to her 2-3 times a day. She may like it & just lick it from the spoon. Most dogs do, & that would be great. This will help, but the proper extract/concentrate would be even better. Keep in mind that cannabis has no bad interaction with conventional treatments. Often used in conjunction with chemo & radiation. Hope my friends get here soon! I'll be praying for your sweet girl!
    -- I'm hoping this was caught early enough for her cure. Then I want you to promise me you'll take the final test results reading NEGATIVE to the vet who wouldn't sign off & make him read it! ~PEACE~
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  6. 1vanguy

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    100% will send over the successful results one year from now to the vet with balloons attached.

    I don't have any but, but Monday morning I will attempt to get into a medical clinic with her..if it doesn't work I will ask a natural vet here. If that doesn't work I will try to get in touch with all my friends here to see if they know anyone with access to a dispensary.
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  7. Cherry B

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    Just been reading your posts with some interest. I just arrived in Vancouver recently and have my 13 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier suffering from a similar plight. She had her right eye removed 18 months ago due to an apparently benign tumour, (Goniodysgenesis) however this same eye socket is now very swollen and we think this is a new tumour, causing a lot of pain. The vets fees are so high that we can't provide the suggested MRI scan followed by Neurosurgery. It sounds like this treatment you're discussing might be a good alternative.
    If you can put me in touch with anyone who can help, it would be much appreciated too. I don't think we have a lot of time to turn this thing around
    Thank you,
  8. catbuds

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    Hey Cherry B! Welcome to our 'home'! :)
  9. 1vanguy

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    Thanks for asking..she is still here and super's been over a month and the vet gave her 1 to 3 months so it is somewhat worrisome...I give her a lot of those turkey tail mushrooms which one study found dogs living to a year on that alone. I am giving her phoenix tears oil, though I am kind of concerned about the residual isopropyl solvent being left over at the moment. I'm not sure how trusting to be of its use, either..I'm in a facebook group of users and I hear of people dying pretty often and usually the success stories have also been using chemo at the same time.
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  10. catbuds

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    If you're worried there's alcohol remaining, there has to be a safe way to evaporate it. I'm thinking a coffee mug warmer, but wait till one of the guys in the know answers that, as its just an assumption & I don't want you to have a fire! I've heard more success stories from RSO than anything else. Nothing is ever 100% though. Try going over to MNS. We have some knowledgeable people there too, & its a seed bank too. The breeders/owners formed a group of breeders growing high cbd pot just for medical. Think its called the cbd group. I know its slow going searching the forums to answer your questions, but you usually find what you need after a lot of sifting. Give your girl a big hug from me & tell her she's very, very special. I wish you both the best! Keep in touch! :)
  11. Gypsy1219

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    Anyone with updated information on treating dogs with hemangiomasarcoma (cancer) with cannibis oils? My dog was just diagnosed, given 2 months to live, and put on tramodol for now and it's causing him extreme anxiety and he hardly moves on it. I hate tramodol. Any suggestions?

  12. Jewels Asselin

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    I have order nu Phoenix CBD oil for my dog who has mammary gland cancer and was wondering who else has used this for there dog to help with treating cancer ? She is currently on medicam for pain and I was told she has six months to live she is not showing any signs of pain at the moment so I only give her the medicam when I think she could be sore but she's full of energy so I feel I can do something to help her that's chemical free and will not affect her kidneys
    Can anyone tell me the correct dosages for a 66 pound dog?
  13. Weezard

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    I have already replied in another thread, but, in case you missed it . . .

    For a 66 pound dog, just about 30 mg, of real RSO.
    Visually, that's about one third the size of a grain of rice.

    Twice that dosage put my 70 pound Australian shepherd's stage 4 mammary cancer into remission right away!
    3 of the 4 tumors melted away in about 1 month.
    This dog was at death's door. Had lost interest in everything, eyes clouded, tongue and gums pale, and had lost 20 pounds.
    One of the tumors recurred while she was getting 60 mg. of high THC RSO daily.
    Mammary cancer.jpg
    Based on personal research, I found that too high a dosage is less effective than the proper dosage.
    When I dropped it to 30 mg., the last "fat nipple" shank and is almost gone now.
    She had less than 6 months to live about 18 months ago, and now she is still very old, but acting like my beautiful pup again.
    Twice per day, I give her half a chicken jerky strip with a tiny, ~3mm., droplet of oil on it.
    Once the last nipple looks normal, I'll drop that to a trace amount for maintenance and prevention.

    Good luck and aloha,
    Wee 'zard
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  14. Jewels Asselin

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    Sorry to bug you again but I got CBD oil Nu Phoenix CBD oil. Is that still good even though there's not much if any THC in it?
  15. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    I honestly do not know.
    All my posting is based on first hand experience and I do not have that experience.
    I looked it up and considering it's inflated price, I would have tried to obtain real RSO.
    After a DEA action in April, CBD was thrust into schedule 1, so there is no difference in legality.
    (Yeah, I know, it's cruel and stupid, but it's fact.)
    I find it difficult to trust a product that is being sold at that big a markup.
    However, if their claim of 1:1 CBD:THC is true, it should work.

    I opted to make my own oil. If you can obtain buds, or trim, it is not hard to do.
    Heck, you could buy or beg buds, saute them in butter to decarb, and feed them as treats.

    I am not saying that your oil won't serve, I'm just saying I don't know.
    I'll follow you and find out. :)


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