Hemp Candy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by weedlover, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. weedlover

    weedlover Registered

    So whats the deal? I assume its legal...? Does it get you high or does it just taste like weed without the effects of smoking it?
  2. Red Baron

    Red Baron Registered+

    if it's legal I doubt it would get you high
  3. hempsmoker25

    hempsmoker25 Registered+

    it does not contain thc, and its called chronic candy if you didnt know. they have a website called chroniccandy.com. it is legal and they ship it through the mail. the oklahoma news cast did a little section over it and they had it ordered from cali.
  4. Baker420

    Baker420 Registered+

    these two freshmen i know came running up to me one day and was like " holy shit, such in such got soooo stoned of those pot suckers....his eyes were red and everything!" haha well lets just say i had to haven a long talk with these two kids.
  5. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    Hehe nice.
  6. The Daywalker

    The Daywalker Registered

    I had some of that, a hemp lollipop and it didnt do jack shit for me..
  7. Nullific

    Nullific Banned

    Not supposed to get you high, it just tastes good.
  8. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    you can take a pure THC extract and add it to the mix when you're making a sucker...which is basically taking tons of sugar adding it to water and boiling the water away
  9. nickx760

    nickx760 Banned

    does it get u high? *sigh* people these days...
  10. geoffrowley19

    geoffrowley19 Registered+

    sshut up nick its a legit question, and when i had one in england i thgouth it was pointless, doesnt taste like any kind of weed at all, just sugar water or something i dunno, not worth my 20p
  11. nickx760

    nickx760 Banned

    umm no its not, he said it was legal, if he used common sense then he could figure out that it would obviously not get u high

    so u shut up

    O SNAP

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