Herb Brownies- This is how kids.

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    I came onto the Internet hoping to find some definitive tactics for baking herb brownies. After some Google and skimming through this board, I was surprised to see very little accurate information of how to do it. Most articles are into cannabutter or hold ignorant information. So here is how it's done (feel free to sticky).

    Grab a box of brownie mix, one that uses oil. The more oil it uses the better. How much herb and what grade is ENTIRELY up to you. ENITRELY. It can be an 8th of krawnick or a zipper of kush. Obviously one batch will be more potent than the other. generally I use a high grade krawnick (hash plant, Ak-47, Juicy fruit, whatever) or just your plain regular krawnick. My goal is usually to put .5 gram in each brownie. If I plan to cut 12 brownies, I will use 6 grams. That is the equation I use but you can choose to put a gram in each, 2 grams, whatever.... If you are using high grade krawnick a half gram in each brownie is a standard dose. Two or three of them will get you quite stoned.

    Before mixing the brownie batter you are going to sautee the herb in the vegetable oil. To do this you will use a double broierl- but you don't have one. So grab a very large pan, fill it with water and bring it to a boil. You will then place a second pan within that pan- so the first pan should be broad and able to hold a fair amount of water and another pan. The reason you do this is because directly heating the oil (with just one layer of pan) will destroy the THC. This method cuts that problem out. So the end result is a big pan with boiling water in it, and another pan on top of that with the vegetable oil and the herb in it. The herb should be ground up, as if you were about to roll a blunt. Sautee (stir a little, etc) for about 20 minutes, maybe less. If you see an excessive amount of vapor rising then turn the heat down- make sure the heat is not ever too much. 15 minutes or so is usually good, it is a delicate balance. You want the oil to absorb as much THC as possible without destroying any.

    Now take the oil/herb substance and run it through a strainer, dropping it into the brownie batter (all the brownie powder, an egg and whatever). The rest is history. You can add the raw weed from the strainer into the mix if you want- I personally do add about half of it. This will insure you have most of the THC in there and if it is decent weed it will help with the taste, plus it is cool to have some tasty herb in there. It is not necessary, though.

    Bake your brownies. The pan size that bakes at a low temperature is best (again, heat fucks up THC), so look at the back of your box for that. If you have any questions or suggestions please bring them up. I have been baking weed brownies since before neanderthals were drawing on walls in caves, and this is the most potent method I have come up with.
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  2. BBoyShotty

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    i still have yet to try it...this weekend it is:)
  3. lil josh

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    yhh ill try this 2moz :)
  4. BBoyShotty

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    shit i couldnt find my corn oil, so i used sunflower oil...anyone confirm that it works with sunflower oil??

    n what about olive oil, how does that work out?
  5. rebgirl420

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    I printed this and am going to try it. Hope it works *crosses fingers*
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  6. Inferius

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    The story of life.
  7. BBoyShotty

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    yeah...i dont think my batch worked which means 6 grams down the drain:S..
    Anyone else have problems with the double boil method? cause i think that maybe the sautee pan inside wasnt hot enough from the boiling water.. either that or the brownie was cooked for too long/too hot?? any ideas?
  8. thecreator

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    GEAT I might try later today
  9. ScaryMissMary

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    Anyone try it out yet?
  10. Fissle

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    what temperature are you supposed to set your boiler to? I know the water has to be boiling under the pan, but what should I set my oven at? medium? high?
  11. not_the_kitty

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    I havent tried it yet but maybe to ensure the thc is extracted into the oil you could use a food thermometer and then try to keep the oil around 320 degres because thats what temp I coooked firecrackers I made and they worked.
  12. Matt the Funk

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    There are better recipes. This doesn't sound 100% correct, and i'm not willing to try it.
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  13. smoke_and_fly

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    smoke the 6grams then go eat sum brownies
    another solution is melt a bar of butter then chop up the 6 grams finely then mix with the butter n put it into the fridge
    then make a butter cake
    n make extra pot butter to butter the cake after its cooked
    works a treat
  14. BBoyShotty

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    yeah like i said, i tried it....wasted 6 grams of weed...can someone specify what heat level the first pan should be on? and more in depth instructions on heating the weed...ie:what to look for if its not hot enough/too hot
  15. 420_s.w.e.d.

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    I am not a good cook so i will just smoke my weed until i get better. no use wasting:stoned:
  16. stick

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    I'm not sure how well this would work, because boiling water is usually used to cook things because it stays at a relatively consistent 100 degrees Celsius, and any water that reaches higher temperatures becomes steam and evaporates away, and that's not hot enough to prepare the THC.
  17. DaZeDShAdOw

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    I meen I've done it by just simmering the canna. in a frying pan with oil for about 20 mins no double thing
  18. jamstigator

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    The best way I've found to make brownies is to use a crock pot with a 'warm' setting. Use canola or olive oil, about 5 ounces of oil per quarter ounce of pot. (I usually use 2.5 to 3 ounces of good buds or quality popcorn buds, with a 48 ounce bottle of oil, which makes enough for around 11 pans of brownies.)

    Cook on WARM (not low, that's too hot) for 7 hours, striring vigorously every hour or so, then strain out the plant matter with cheesecloth, then use the resulting oil as you would with normal oil, along with a brownie mix that takes 1/2 cup of oil. I've been using this method for two years now and the only time I've ever screwed up was I once put the crockpot on low instead of warm, which wasted 3 ounces of pot, overcooked it. Live and learn. Never made that mistake again though, and every pan of brownies is dynamite. I eat two more or less every evening, while the woman has one.
  19. scooterjay

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    i sauteed a quarter of shwag in a half stick of butter for 20 min, then dumped that and the remainder of the required oil into the brownie mix and proceeded to make a pan of six excellent brownies. two would do you right!
  20. jrs212

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    I've had great success with making canna butter. But I am thinking of trying this method. Has anyone done both and ended up with a preference of one over the other?

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