Herbal Clean Q Carbo Sucess???

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by qwerty33, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. qwerty33

    qwerty33 Registered

    Hey all,

    I have a drug test and I have to pass to get my car back from my idiot parents, does Herbal Clean Q carbo actaully work. I smoke pretty much smoke everyday. If not what other stuff can help me pass that I can get from a Rite aid or GNC? THanks,


    FREEWAYHOBO Registered

    its worked for me 3 times!!!
  3. qwerty33

    qwerty33 Registered

    well, it didnt even work on a fucking home test. And i used bleach also and it still didnt get me a negative. so stupid.... the classic 5 panel swab test was used. If anyone has any suggestions please help me. thanks
  4. dawninthemorning

    dawninthemorning Registered+

    If you smoke everyday most of your internally taken detox products will not work, they are for light to moderate users, less than 4 times a week (and no, I don't mean 4 full days of toking and then 3 days off, I mean 4 joints a week). If you are taking an at home test the dilution method is the best.
  5. LetmeBme

    LetmeBme Registered

    I used Q Carbo 32 for my last UA and I failed the test horribly...BIG WASTE OF $60! Also, for the remainder of the day I was sick as a dog...nauseated everytime I moved a muscle. Vomiting and also diarrea. Just helping u out hun. Of course I've heard the product has worked for others. It really depends on the circumstances. GOOD LUCK!!
  6. sofarfromnormal

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    Does the "the stuff chewable" work because I bought some online because I have a meeting with my probation officier on the 1st. Has this product been sucessful for anyone here?
  7. bluntman404

    bluntman404 Registered

    i had to pass a test and it didnt work for me. i followed the directions and still failed so i wouldnt put much faith into them or waste money

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