Herbal Rice Krispie Treats, anyone?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Purple Banana, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I'm going on a plane trip from PA to FLA, and I want to get something nice for the flight; I think brownies would be obvious, but has anyone ever tried making rice krispies treats with herb? I've heard good and bad, but not much...
  2. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    Never heard of them before

    Would brownies really be that obvious on a plane??
  3. ziggyzaggy

    ziggyzaggy Registered

    Alcohol asinine men

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  4. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    idk, choclate works best, but im sure if you get proper instructions in making them it will turn out ok (search google)
  5. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    well since the recipe needs butter I'm assuming everything would be all right
  6. sirsmokesalot

    sirsmokesalot Registered+

    Ive had them before, never made, but as KL4D4 said as they contain butter or some kind of fat just make them dividing the actual treats up depending on your original amount of weed used.

    however i have traveled on the plane with cannabis club brownies, never had a problem, but never encountered a dog either so nevermind.
  7. Freemount

    Freemount Registered+

    DUDE HAHA what did you just say?? I am so faded right now, but seriously im not tripping that bad?
  8. kshchrn831

    kshchrn831 Registered+

    Haha thats some funny shit. I was wondering too..

  9. kshchrn831

    kshchrn831 Registered+


    yeah the reason i am here, forgot to ask the first time hah..

    So has anyone tried this lately? I am about to try and make some. Is it as efficent as brownies or anything else? If i just have to do this one on my own, i 'll post back with results in a week or so.

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