Herbies Seeds Updates 4th April 2017

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    Back in stock this week (you can see the full list of recently added stock here)

    Connoisseur Genetics North London Church Cookies Fems – 9-10 weeks flowering, indica/sativa, Church x GSC (Reversed)

    Reserva Privada Tangie Regs – Cup winner in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 70% Sativa, 9-10 weeks flowering

    Serious AK47 Fems – Multiple cup winner including Medical Cannabis Cups, Sativa dominant F1 hybrid, High THC, 53-63 days flowering

    Connoisseur Genetics Cheese Dog Haze Fems – Cheesedog x SSSDH, Cheesy flavour with pine and lemon. 8-9 weeks flowering

    Connoisseur Genetics Connoisseur Cookies Fems – OG Chem x GDP Cut x Girl Scout Cookies (Reversed), 9-10 weeks flowering, flavour of cookies.

    DNA Genetics Kosher Tangie Fems – 60% Indica, 9-10 weeks flowering, Kosher Kush x Tangie

    Connoisseur Genetics Girl Scout Haze Cookies Fems – Girl Scout Cookies x SSSDH, Indica/Sativa, 9-10 weeks flowering with a cookie, lemon and pine flavour.

    DNA Genetics Sour Secret Fems – Sour Diesel x LA Confidential, 80% Indica, 9 weeks flowering with very powerful effects.

    Feminised Seeds Co Big Bang 2 Fems – Northern Light x Jack Herer, Indica, 8-9 weeks flowering 15-22% THC, couchlock effect.

    00 Seeds Northern Lights Fems – Indica, 50 days flowering, high THC and CBD

    G13 Labs Cinderella 99 Fems – Jack Herer x Haze, Sativa dominant with exotic scents and flavours.

    Buddha Magnum Autoflowering Fems – Uplifting effects, fresh and spicy

    BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies Fems – Cup winner, Indica/sativa hybrid with chocolate mint flavours. (OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush) x OG genetics.

    BC Bud Depot BC God Bud Fems – Cup winner, 75% indica, God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk genetics with an out of body experience effect

    Cannabiogen Female Mix #4 – Including Nepaljam x Oaxaca, Jack Herer x Panama and Panama Pelo Rosa S1

    Short Stuff Auto Assassin – AK47 Auto x Shortstuff #1, Sativa dominant, 8-9 weeks flowering, clear cerebral effect

    De Sjamaan Magic Crystal Seeds – Californian Orange x White Widow, 60% Sativa, 8-10 weeks flowering, sweet and spicy flavours, mental stone, physical high
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    Herbies' is alive and well!

    Cannabis.com, not so much...
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    That was a decent thing to do for Herbies. :thumbsup:
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    Not as evil as he pretends to be, yah?
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