Herbies Updates 14th February 2017

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    Herbies Updates 14th February 2017

    Back in Stock – You can see all recent seeds back in stock here

    DNA Genetics LA Confidential – Cup Winner
    Connoisseur Genetics Diesel Dipped Cookies
    Connoisseur Genetics Strawberry Sour Haze
    Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana
    Connoisseur Genetics Girl Scout Jones
    Connoisseur Genetics Connoisseur Cookies
    Dark Horse Genetics Bruce Banner BC 2.0

    New Strains – You can see all of the new strains added to our site here

    Flash Amazing Cherry Super Auto By Stitch
    Feminised, Autos
    High Yield
    Cherry, sweet flavours

    Flash Strawberry Mango Haze Super Auto By Stitch
    Feminised, Auto
    300 gr/pp yield
    Fruit, strawberry and mango flavours

    Flash Cristal Fruity Kush Super Auto By Stitch
    Hindu Kush x Larry OG KUsh x Stitch 0.1
    400 gr/pp yields
    Very potent, relaxing

    Flash Cookie G13 Super Auto By Stitch
    GSC x G13 x Stitch 0.2
    300-800 gr/pp yields
    Happy, body, relaxing effects

    Flash Ace Autoflowering Seeds
    Thailand x Haze x Amnesia x Lowryder 2
    For those who want a giggle!
    Citrus, pine, mango and cheesy

    Flash Chazy Autoflowering
    Cheese x Haze x Lowryder 2
    Sativa Dominant
    40-80 gr/pp Yields

    Flash California Haze Autoflowering
    Sour Diesel x Haze x Mexican Ruderalis
    40-80 gr/pp
    Diesel, sour flavour
    Energetic and happy effect

    Flash Super Blueberry Haze Autoflowering
    Super Silver Haze x Blueberry x Mexican Sativa
    Sativa Dominant
    40-90 gr/pp
    Flavours of berries, blueberry, fruit

    Flash Strawberry Jam Autoflowering
    Jamaican x Bubble Berry x Mexican Ruderalis
    Sativa Dominant
    40-70 gr/pp
    Fruity taste and aromas

    Flash Bubble Crack Autoflowering
    Bubble Gum x Green Crack x Mexican Ruderalis
    40-80 gr/pp
    Psychedelic effects

    Flash Heaven Haze Autoflowering
    Nevills Haze x Lowryder 2
    Sativa Dominant
    40-80 gr/pp

    Flash Holy Man Autoflowering
    Parvati x Kerala x Mexican Ruderalis
    40-80 gr/pp
    Energetic, happy, uplifting effects

    Flash Red Libanon Autoflowering
    Libanon x Mexican Ruderalis
    40-100 gr/pp
    Powerful, relaxing effects

    Dr Krippling White Rush Autoflowering
    16% THC
    Extremely sweet flavours
    200-500 gr/m2 indoors, 30-60 gr/pp outdoors

    Next Generation Trump Towers
    Old School Orange Skunk genetics
    60% Sativa / 40% Indica
    15-18% THC

    Next Generation Purple Primo
    Indica Dominant
    17-20% THC
    Sweet and musky flavour

    Next Generation Kiwi Kush
    Grapefruit Kush genetics
    Indica Dominant
    55-60 Days Flowering
    14-18% THC

    Next Generation Critical Magic
    Critical Bilbo x Grapefruit
    Indica Dominant
    17-20% THC
    50-55 Days Flowering

    Next Generation BC Blueberry OG
    BC Bluebery x OG Kush
    Indica Dominant
    17-21% THC
    Dank aromas

    Next Generation BC Purps
    Purple Kush Genetics
    Indica Dominant
    60-65 Days flowering
    16-18% THC

    New Offers – You can see all of our current offers here

    We currently have 10% off all of the following ranges

    Dutch Passion Seeds
    Buddha Seeds
    Resin Seeds
    Medical Seeds
    Royal Queen Seeds

    Royal Queen Seeds

    1 free Critical Feminised seed with every 5 pack, or 2 free with every 10 pack of Royal Queen Seeds Purchased.

    Samsara Seeds

    1 free Supersonic Crystal Storm Auto with every pack of Samsara Seeds purchased

    Freedom of Seeds

    Get 2 free “The Remdon” regs and 15 free Freedom Mix regs with every pack purchased from Freedom of Seeds

    World Of Seeds

    1 free Strawberry Blue fem with every 3 pack of fems, 2 free with every 7 pack of fems, 3 free with every 12 pack of fems and 1 free with every 10 pack of regs from the WOS range

    Green House Seeds

    1 free Exodus Cheese fem with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Green House Seeds purchased

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