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    So all Ive heard about this bud is just amazing...don't want to do much of anything after smoking just a joint...THC been reported up to 25%!!WOW.. was super stoked to get some in town & OH MY F" GOD! IT is serious... I've smoked some killa bud, dank white widow, G13, Big Skunk, and this, well this just captured me in when I first smelled the almost fruity aroma. Apon inspection of the bud it looked very crystalized and the stems were surprisingly small, the bud was kinda fluffy looking and later i realized there wasn't a single large, thick stem in my 1/2 oz. nice.! and the best part, this was stuff that i only needed to take one hit and that lasts' for hours. 4 hits and i can eat a meal and get to bed at night.. I must say I am pleased... hopeing to get word about any clones out there....:jointsmile:
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    I'm wondering what you got there cause a true Heri happens to have very dense and heavy golf ball sized nugs bro????? Ain't no fluffyness to Herijuana!

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    very true from what i have read about it,have been doing some research on it because im really thinking of getting some seeds but might wind up getting a cross for more yield.but it could be how it was grown,i had a white rhino that really streached for the light but it is supposed to be a short plant:thumbsup:
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    Very nice plant! Was Steve Tuck's greatest project. He worked forever to get this plant stable and ready for the MMJ community.

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    Steve Tuck created it? I was wondering where Sannie picked it up at.
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    Never tried Herijuana but I have had OG x Herijuana and it was the best OG hybrid bud that I've ever seen in my life.

    Post pictures?

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