Hermaphrodite! What to do?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by DaDuck, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. DaDuck

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    I am on my first grow. I have four white widow plants that have been in the flowering cycle for four and a half weeks now. I was in there going over the plants tonight and discovered one of them is a hermaphrodite. I am 100% positive it is. This is my first grow, but I spent a lot of time researching this before I started, so trust me when I say I'm sure on this.
    Now my question is this, can I just cut off the bud sites that have the little balls and let the rest of the plant grow as long as I keep a close eye out for any others? I hate to throw away a great plant, especially since the balls are only on a few of the flowers way down at the bottom of the plant. The other bud sites look great and are getting pretty covered in trichomes. Let me know what you think. I went ahead and pulled the plant out of my tent and put it in the closet so it is already seperated. I'm just trying to decide it's fate.
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    Sometimes a calyx's pistils don't pop-out, giving the appearance of being a single nanner. Usually, the pistils will eventually pop-out. Be damn sure this is not the case before you start killing your plant. (death by a thousand cuts)

    Cutting single buds off as nanners occur, is adding more and more stress. If it really is a hermie, I'd ditch it before it pollinates your other ladies. Nanners can form in the buds themselves, too.

    Segregating a plant in pollen doesn't do any good in the same house. Pollen can be transported on your clothes, blown around by fans and air conditioning...
  3. Brainy

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    Gotta figure out why it's a hermie.. interrupted light cycle, stress, genetics? If your lower buds have many nanners she/he's gotta go. I have picked off singular nanners and finished the cycle until finished and the product seemed fine with 5-10 seeds in those lower buds. But the room needs to be well cleaned so no pollen is left behind to seed your next set of girls. Sorry to hear but at least you caught it quick. The male organs can develop and release pollen within 24 hrs. so keep checkn her daily. Make sure it is total darkness in the dark cycle. No light, Zero.
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    Good thread, thanks everyone

    I had a thread along these lines and sure enough thanks to the input of everyone I was able to find the hermies on one of my ladies.
    They seem to form where the plant doesn't get good light. in my case at the junction of branches near the wooden stake to prop it up. The buds seemed sparce and on closer inspection I noted a few balls.
    I'm going to gicve them 48 hours of dark to pump of the resin in the buds and chop them.
    I was thinking of re-vegging them but with balls I don't want to take a chance wasting money on males.
  5. DaDuck

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    I'm trying to get a decent picture for you all to look at, but the adapter I need to plug in the media card to my computer is in the closet with my plants and they are sleeping right now lol. The lights come on in about an hour so I'll try to get some pics up then.
  6. DaDuck

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    I was just looking the suspected hermie over and it looks like some of the little balls have pistils coming out of them. Also the pistils next to the little balls are the only ones on the plant that have turned orange. Is that normal? I'm starting to second guess myself a little now. It makes sense that this is a hermie though because when I first started flowering these plants this one developed a couple preflowers that looked like males so I cut them off. This plant matured a little quicker than the other ones too for some reason. Is there anything else that could resemble little balls that would pop up quickly on the bud sites? If so do you know where I can see some pictures?
    I did look at a bunch of hermaphrodite pics and some of them do look pretty damn similiar to my plant.
  7. DaDuck

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    I know this picture sucks, but I can't get any of my cameras to focus close up. I even got my D70 out and couldn't even get a decent picture with manual focus. Hopefully somebody can give me some sort of a definitive answer with the pic and information I've provided.
  8. Vancefish

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    I can't see any boy parts in there, but it is pretty blurry. Mine looked like this last week. They are not hermi at all,(at least lets hope not:D)

    Check and see if your camera has a MACRO setting(usually looks like a flower). That being on might help you focus. :thumbsup:

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  9. Brainy

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    I see seed pods. If there are not any more male organs you should be ok except for any pollen left in your flower room. If you see more male organs than he/she needs to go! good luck.
  10. DaDuck

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    I was wondering if they were seed pods. Believe it or not it's been a long time since I smoked. My dealer moved and since I got out of college I really don't know anybody else that sells any more. The solution to that problem is to grow my own lol. It does look like the little casing around a seed in a bag of pot though. It's been so long that I honestly can't remember exactly what they look like though. I'm going to work on getting a better quality picture.

    Vancefish, all my other plants are pretty much at the same stage as those pictures. All my other plants look great. This one that I'm having issues with is the only problem. I've had doubts about this plant since I started flowering it. I thought it had single little balls on three different nodes when I started flowering so I cut them off. I've kept a close eye on the plant and these little ball looking things among the pistils just appeared suddenly. I can't imagine that they could have developed slowly without me seeing them before now. I'll go work on getting another pic. I sure as hell don't want this to ruin my crop.
  11. jtsik330

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    Post a pic lets see it:thumbsup:
  12. DaDuck

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    I've used my Sony camera, my blackberry camera and even got out my Nikon D70 that I use for storm chasing and I can't get a single decent picture. It won't focus right with the D70, with the Sony the flash blinds everything and with the blackberry it's shit. I've pretty much given up on the picture. The only option I have left is to use a video camera and grab a still from that.

    I do think the mystery is solved now though. I am pretty sure they are seeds developing. I have no fucking clue how that happened, but it did. On the top of the bud site where all the pistils are coming out it looks kind of like a cluster of lighter green graps. Each of these little grapes are like a swollen female preflower, you know that pointy oval shape and have two pistils coming out the end. I pinched one off with tweezers and inside of it is a tiny shrimp shaped greenish clear deal. I guess it's a developing seed.
    Since I can't get a picture I'll link a picture that looks pretty much like my plant. I came across these when I was trying to figure this out. It looks almost identical to the first picture of a hermie in this post. If that's a hermaphrodite, I got one too.

    Google Image Result for http://www.hdpixel.com/lacdg/Albums/album03/Hermie_2.jpg
  13. Rusty Trichome

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    Turn off the flash, adjust the color balance, set the camera on something solid, (books, boxes, milk crates...) and turn off the fans.
    You can also tilt the pot (something under one edge) to get a better shot with better light. :thumbsup:
    If the calyx you checked didn't have a hard shell forming inside, it's possibly not a seed. It only takes a few days for the hard shell to start forming, and is impossible to miss. If no shell, it's likely just a swollen calyx.
    (keepin' fingers crossed for ya)
  14. DaDuck

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    They are seeds. I still have no idea how that happened, but I guess I won't worry too much about it. I looked the plant over and can't find anything else. It only happened to three or four little buds on the bottom of the plant.
    I didn't try to take another close up picture of the seeds since it really isn't a problem any more now that I know what it is. I plucked the biggest seed off with tweezers and carefully unwrapped it. There isn't any doubt about it now. Unless this is going to cause a problem in some way I don't know about I guess my crisis is solved. Thanks for everybody's help. I'm glad I didn't toss my plant out. I was damn close to doing it, but thanks to everybody's help on here I still have her.
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  15. Vancefish

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    It's possible some pollen just floated in, or came in on your clothes too.

    Glad you didn't toss her!:D
  16. WashougalWonder

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    Pooh happens!
  17. lampost

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    I just had some white widows also herm at about the exact same time (4.5 - 5 weeks). I can't think of any reason why it would do this!! No other strains hermed at all and both white widows did!! However, they were on the edge of my room not getting the best light... I wonder if that may've caused the herm... I killed those fuckers instantly because I don't want any seeds. Plus they were sprouting bananas in about half of the buds... serious stress it would appear... that's why I'm confounded.

    I had same issue as DaDuck... however, I only had one seed pod developing in the top cola. Very bizarre. I plucked it thinking it might've been a pollen sack! I wish I would've left it in... hopefully it didn't stress this plant to herm!
  18. WashougalWonder

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    Is this the same grow that had no lights for a few days, and had to move because of the electrician, and had spider mites, and had all the problems you have had?

    That is the reason. Look back over the last month or two dude. Your plants have had mucho stressssssss.

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