Hermie Plant Question ???

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by wildchick, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. wildchick

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    The one Hermie Plant we have, we noticed it seems to be flowering and budding ??? does the hermie plant make good smokeable bud or is it not worth it ??? Thinking about putting "it" in a different room and letting it go and see, but thought we asked before we wasted time with "it"

  2. truthseeker

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    my buddy had great results with his hermi.He only had two plants and when 1 was a hermi i told him just kill it it was his first grow and he didnt listen well the hermi had better bud then the full female i'm pretty sure it was because he harvested to late not that it was a hermi.he harvested the hermi early well what he thought to be early because the sacs kept coming back after he cut them off he saw no nuts for a couple weeks then it atarted the nuts no not the nuts!!!!!!!!!!but there was no seeds and it wasnt harvested early well he also would recomend not to grow a hermi if you have a good amount of plants that the feeling of having a hermi in your flowering room aint worth it
  3. dusto2k3

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    yes, you can definitley smoke the bud from a hermie plant. Your only worry would it beign able to pollinate the other female plants in your garden. If you can do w/o the herm bud, by all means get rid of it if you do not have another area to pout it in.
  4. CaliJay

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    Probably don't even need to say it but if you get seeds spread them or toss them. I don't like the idea of continuing a hermi trait down the genetic line.

    Good luck - Jay
  5. razzapiggy

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    agree with Jay on this one... no real good reason to keep it around unless you have to

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